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What Is My Water Hardness?

United States Water Hardness Map

Identify your State and match the color up with the chart below. Always use the high figure. If you happen to be in a extremely hard water area of 14 gpg or higher use the figure 20 gpg. to size your system. Our systems will remove up to 150 GPG of hardness at a time so your water will be Soft regardless. The sizing of the Water Softener is for the purpose of not regenerating as often saving you money on salt / potassium and has nothing to do with the performance of the system.

Still Need Help?

Need help in figuring out the hardness of your water or what system to choose? Contact us here:

Now that you know how hard your water is click here to use our sizing calculator to help choose the proper size water softener for your needs. Once you have chosen the size you will be directed to a page that will help you choose the proper water softener for your needs.

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