Fleck 2510 SXT Water Softener 32K with Vortech Technology - water softener

Fleck 2510 SXT Water Softener with Vortech Technology Saves Salt & Water

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Fleck 2510SXT Water Softeners With Vortech Water Softener Systems

Fleck / Pentair Vortech Water Softener Systems
Fleck Water Systems have always been one of the best units made. Now we have incorporated Vortech Tanks with these great systems.

Vortech™ and Mid-Vortech™

Revolutionary Distribution Technology for the Water Treatment Industry

The ENPRESS Vortech™ and Mid-Vortech™ distribution technologies are revolutionizing the water treatment industry. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use…saving water, salt and the environment, with backwash flow rate reductions of at least 30%. So it’s easy to go green and make a lot of green at the same time. Plus, with Vortech™ and Mid-Vortech™eliminate gravel and hub & lateral assembly, reducing overall cost and shipping weight. Mid-Vortech™ eliminates the need for a second media tank system, by combining two medias into one tank and keeping them physically separated, reducing overall system cost and backwash water usage, with the elimination of redundant equipment.