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Differences Between Big Chain Store Bought Systems And A Professional Water Treatment Dealer.

We see that many stores that sell plumbing supplies, tools and many more products offering water treatment equipment. These systems are usually priced to sell. A few things the consumer should look into before purchasing from these stores.

Most water Treatment dealers are very well trained in there field, they understand the sizing requirement, backwash rates, service flow rates that are needed to operate your appliances used daily and have many products available to them to make sure you and your family get the proper water treatment equipment for your home. The average store does not have this ability nor the choice of different water treatment equipment especially valve pipe and internal porting size to accommodate every homeowners flow rate needs.

Also warranties represent product quality in some cases. Most Store bought system have either a one year or two year warranty. A Water Treatment dealer caries water treatment valves for water softeners and other water treatment equipment called Fleck or Autotrol which carry a five year warranty and the salt tank/brine tank and the mineral tank have a ten year warranty., these warranties are represented by the factories of the products. This should be a indication that these systems are much more superior than the systems you find at the stores.

The down fall from buying water treatment equipment from a dealer is usually price. Most Dealers mark there equipment up at least 100% or more bring the price up to a average of $1500.00 or more just for a average sized Water Softener installed, This mark up is usually to cover the Dealers overhead being they sell a small amount of systems per year and carry a large overhead. This seems to drive some consumers to buy from the stores that we mentioned above do to there prices are much lower.

Now we have this wonderful thing called the Internet.

You can now buy high quality water treatment equipment such as Water Softeners, Iron filters, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Carbon Filters and anything else you may need concerning water treatment from a trained staff that specializes in water treatment for prices comparable to the stores without sacrificing quality and warranty including technical support. Is the leader in the industry when it comes to water treatment equipment expertise including high quality equipment such as Fleck, Autotrol and SoftPro plus many more brands. you will find that this company offers great service and knowledgeable advice at a great price. And when you need technical advice they are there to help you with a knowledgeable staff that deals with water treatment equipment all day long.

So if you are looking for the best quality, best prices, best warranties and best service before and after the sale visit:

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