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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I convert my hardness test that read PPM or mg/L to GPG?

Take your figure and divide it by 17.1. Example: 250 ppm or mg/L divided by 17.1 = 14.62 gpg = 15 gpg hard.

2) How do I convert my Iron into Hardness to figure out how to size my water softener?

Our conversion calculator on our site will automatically do this for you. Or if you would like to size manually for each 1 ppm or mg/L iron equals 3 GPG of hardness.

3) Do I have to add the resin to the softener?

Yes, we supply you with the appropriate amount of resin and a special media funnel to add all the resin, it take five to ten minutes to add to the tank.

4) How long does the resin last?

Not every situation is the same but the average life of a good resin is fifteen years or more.

5) Can I replace the resin once it goes bad?

Yes you can.

6) What is the difference between the purolite c-100 e high capacity resin that you generally use and an ionics c-249 resin?

Nothing, they are both cross link 8 resins and very durable and respected in the industry.

7) How do you handle warranty issues and what is the warranty on your water softeners and iron filters?

If you have a problem with your equipment you can do two things. Call us and will walk you through the troubleshooting which is easy to do. Or you can go to our troubleshooting page. If there is a defective part under warranty, then we will send you the part with a prepaid UPS call tag. If the part is more than a year old, customer will pay for the return shipping to us at the time the warranty is being processed. The control valves have a five year warranty and the tanks have a ten year warranty.

8) How long does it take before delivery after I have placed my order?

Anywhere from one to five business days.

9) Is shipping free?

Yes shipping is free on all residential equipment as long as the freight is being shipped in the USA except for, Alaska, Virgin Islands and Hawaii and your order is $30 or over. We do ship to the other states listed as well as international but at a quoted freight charge only.

10) How does the KDF media guard filter work and how long does it last?

The KDF filter snaps into the bottom of the Softener valve after you have added the resin to the tank you then snap the KDF filter into the bottom of the Softener valve. As you screw the valve on to the mineral tank the KDF filter slides over the Distributor tube and sits over the resin. We install a larger backwash button into the valve so the resin cleans better than with out the KDF filter and KDF filter media gets backwashed and cleaned at the same time as well. The kdf process removes chlorine, sulfur, iron and heavy metals from the water. It is also bacteria static so it will not let bacteria grow inside the systems. kdf last between 6 to 12 years depending on the application. When it is time to replace it you will know do to the water pressure will drop and the chlorine or odor will be back. You only replace the kdf media when this happens which is $45.00 at todays cost year 2006.

11) How much salt will I use?

If you use the sizing calculator on our site and follow its recommendation and if your average water usage is 75 gallons per day per person then you will use an average between 48 pounds to 85 pounds per month which is very little in comparison to most older systems that regenerate based on days instead of gallons used.

12) Are your systems metered, on demand, water flow only or do they regenerate by days only?

The preferred systems are all metered on demand, water flow systems they regenerate based on gallons used only so if you have more or less people in the home they will keep up with the usage if you go on vacation they will not regenerate do to no water is being used. We also carry Timered systems that regenerate base on days which are great for well water when trying to remove more than 3 ppm or mg/L of iron, this helps keep the resin bed clean from the iron. The only other benefit is cost.

13) Can I use Potassium Chloride instead of rock salt with your Water Softeners?


14) What about flow rates, should I worry about water flow through these water softeners?

Always think about flow rates. Think about the number of shower heads and baths you have and the chances of using them all at the same time. For most folks, it is rare that all appliances and showers etc. will be used all at once so for the average home less than 2300 square feet a flow rate of 8 gallons per minute is more than enough. Every once in awhile we run across a customer that has multiple body shower sprays in a shower stall. The average jet package has 4 to 5 sprayers including the shower head. You need about 15 GPM to operate properly. In this case you want to size your softener based on an 18 gpm flow rate. In this application the Fleck 7000 SE 48,000 grain softener is the best choice. Click here to see our water softener flow rate chart.

15) What is the difference between the Water Softeners you sell over the competitions?

We include the important options on our systems that add up in price, such as a Stainless steel bypass valve on our Fleck 5600, 5600SXT, 2510, 2510SXT, 9000, 9100 SXT and our SoftPro Water Softener Systems and plastic bypasses on our Fleck 7000 SXT and Autotrol ” GE” Systems. We also include a brine well inside the brine / salt tank to keep the dirt and sediment from the salt plugging up the air check tube and the Softener valve, safety float to keep the water level from getting to high and overflowing all over the floor if there is a problem with the system and a grid plate/ salt platform to help keep the salt from hardening up and solidifying.

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