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Installation Guides

New Water System Installation Guides:

Please click on the products name below for a printer-friendly installation guide. (Click here to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

The SoftPro Series water Softeners system come with a service manual that has the installation instructions in them. All of these system come programmed for you, all you have to do is set the hardness of your water and the time of day. The 24,000 grain capacity up to 48,000 come loaded with the resin for you. The SofPro Plus series has two styles of mediaguard filter. One style is attached to the bottom of the distributor tube so no assembly is needed. The other style needs to be attached to the bottom of the Softpro control valve ( See mediaguard installation video on this page ) The installation video will show you how to load resin if your systems needs to be loaded.



Filter Replacement Only:

Please refer to the service manual, which came with your system or reference the service manuals on our website for your system.


Fleck 5600SXT Programming Video
Fleck 5600SXT Installation Video
Fleck 2510SXT Programming Video
Fleck 2510SXT Installation Video
Fleck 7000 SXT Programming Video
Fleck 7000 SXT Installation Video
SoftPro Elite Programming Video

Before putting SoftPro Elite valve on tank, please view the required mediaguard installation video below.

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