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Triple O – Ozone Water Treatment System

The Benifits of Ozone
Municipal water companies have used ozone technology to treat large quantities of water for many years because of its effectiveness in purifying and conditioning water.

Triple 0 Systems has selected ozone technology for use in treating well/tank water because of its unique properties to:

– Kill bacteria on contact thousands of times faster than chlorine or bromine
– Kill virus on contact.
– Kill algae spores, fungus, mold and yeast spores.
– Oxidize oils and precipitate heavy metals.
– Remove excess iron, manganese, and sulfur by a process known as micro flocculation, thus conditioning the water naturally without chemical additives.
– Remove color and odor, leaving a fresh, healthy bouquet.
– Reduce scale build-up on equipment such as pipes and water heaters, and staining of showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets.
– Ozone leaves no residue, it’s only by-product is pure oxygen.

Quality Water Treatment inc Has been a Triple O Dealer since 1991, we started selling the Triple O Systems and Parts through our website in 2002. We ship the System and parts directly to you on our behalf which leaves the MFG warranty in effect for our customers. If in the rare occasion you do need warranty coverage you need to contact us not the MFG we well process the warranty for you as for the MFG does not typically deal with the public, only Dealers regardless of where or who you purchase from. So even though we sell from our website you are still covered under the mfg warranty and our protected in the same way a local dealer can protect you under a warranty situation. For the past 26 years of selling, installing and doing schedule maintenance for our local customers as well as supplying our internet based customers with technical support when needed, we have found that the Triple o system rarely has problems and warranty claims. The Triple O system is very consumer friendly and easy to install for the majority of the DIY and is easy to maintain yourself. Be careful of non Factory parts being sold on the internet, there is a few companies that are selling them for less money, you well void the manufacture warranty if you install non factory Triple O parts. Quality Water Treatment only sells Factory parts.