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Metered Water Softener | Metered on Demand Water Softeners regenerate based on usage. There are two types of meter on demand Water Softeners

Size Your Water Softener Calculator.

Econominder – Mechanical meter where you have to use a formula to determine the gallons you’ll be using before the system needs to regenerate. Then you’ll set a dial on the front of the system to that number of gallons

SXT – The SXT is an updated version. It allows digital input of everything. All you’ll need to do is program in your hardness and the computer will do the rest. The digital is more user friendly and more accurate making it more efficient

There are many different valve options for a Metered Water Softener such as the Softpro Elite Basic & Plus, Softpro Pura, Fleck 5600, Fleck 2510, Fleck 9100, Fleck 5810, Fleck 5812 some of these come in Both SXT and Econominder Versions while others like the SoftPro Models, Fleck 5810, and Fleck 5812 only come in digital because of their advanced options that provide high efficiency saving you  a ton on Salt and Waste Water.