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Size Your Water Softener Calculator.

Mechanical Meter that will still count your water usage even in the event of a power failure. this meter consist of a dome that is on the back of the 2510 valve. Inside this dome is an impeller. Coming off the top of the dome is a cable that runs to the meter assembly that is attached to the 2510 controller. When you use water, the impeller turns and that turns the cable, the cable is what turns the meter assembly which is where you have set the amount of gallons you are going to use before a regeneration.

The main difference between the 5600 model and the 2510 is:

1) Metal Back plate that holds all the components instead of plastic brackets.

2) The valve porting design gives you higher flow rates with less pressure drop than the 5600 fleck valves.

3) Has Two motors instead of one. Uses a Timer motor to keep the time of day and has a heavy duty Myrcle Drive motor that is attached directly to the piston which eliminates a lot of gear movement.

This System is especially great for homes that are 2400 square feet or larger do to its ability to supply you with higher flow rates than the 5600 valves. But can also be used on smaller homes as well.