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Fully Featured SoftPro® High Flow On Demand Water Softener The most advanced and efficient water softener system available! Our Exclusive SoftPro® High Flow On Demand metered digital water softener sets the new standard for high flow water softeners, offering more features and is designed to make installation easier and faster than any other water softener available today! Get it all with the SoftPro® water softener. High flow and high efficiency, saving you up to 75% on salt and 64% less water. The SoftPro® Elite water softener upflow design is the only water softener available online with full 1” porting throughout making it the best water softener available. Compared to other water softeners the SoftPro® Elite sets the standards high for water softeners for high efficiency and performance. The SoftPro® Elite outperforms all other water softeners on the market, and we offer them at half the price of other dealer brands.

Compared to other standard water softeners, The SoftPro® Elite Plus water softener is the best for high efficiency and performance.