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SoftPro High Flow High Efficiency Water Softeners

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Clack, Fleck Water Softeners VS SoftPro Water Softeners, why SoftPro is better!

Clack decided in 2010 not to allow the brand to be sold on the internet anymore. They did this to make the brand only available to dealers that are going to the homeowners home and installing the system for them. By doing this it has made the brand only available at or above retail value. Clack water softeners are now being sold and installed only by local dealers generally at a very high cost.

Fleck has come out with a new control valves (like the 5800) with in which they are also restricting sales on the internet. Fleck has been discontinuing models that have been around for years and replacing them with the 5800 line. Following in the footsteps of Clack. In the near future it is possible you will not be able to purchase Fleck on the internet as well.

Neither the Clack or fleck offer salt and water saving features, vacation refresh modes or emergency regeneration and they both carry a manufacture warranty of five years on the control valve and ten years on the tanks.

Quality Water Treatment Inc has been in business since 1990. We are a family owned and operated small business. Water treatment is our business and treating water is all we do. After years of installing and servicing Water Softeners, iron filters, Ph filters, reverse osmosis systems, water pumps. triple o ozone systems we know what works best and what features are important to make the best water softener and filter valve available. We have found that valve, and have branded it to be exclusively our brand. This means you are protected and do not have to worry about being stuck not being able to get parts for a discontinued brand or model or paying a high price for parts or finding a water softener system that is of higher quality than your big brand store models.

The Softpro Water Softeners is the answer to getting a high quality water softener at a price you can afford

SoftPro water Systems has taken the best from the Fleck and clack valves and added some extra key features to make it the best water softener on the market. Key features the Clack and Fleck do not offer.

*Lifetime of free technical support that you will not find anywhere else VS Clack and Fleck dealers that will want to charge you.

Seven year control valve warranty and lifetime tank warranty VS Clack and Fleck five year and ten year
Upflow regeneration salt and water saving up to 60% over Clack and Fleck water softeners


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