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762 Logix Electronic Meter Control Timer Assembly made to operate on 12 volts and 60 Hz.

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This is Just the Controller.
Note: This control is sold as a replacement for your old 760 or 762, and can not be used on a valve using the 400 or 900 series timers, as the controller would not fit, and special camshaft and rear driver motor is used with the Logix Timers.

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Here’s a few of the key features of the 762 Logix computer control:

* Only one moving part – the turbine in the water meter ( sold separately ). No reduction gears like other units!
* NOVRAM chip retains programming information in the event of a power outage.
* Self-adjusting reserve – keeps it to a minimum for optimum efficiency.
* Flow indicator flashes whenever water is flowing through the valve.
* Calendar override feature can be programmed to initiate a regeneration at a fixed interval if water usage has not been enough to trigger it – beneficial on iron-bearing water.

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