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Filox filters outperforms the other traditional Birm and Greensand iron filters that are most commonly used for the reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese.

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Filox filters outperforms the other traditional Birm and Greensand iron filters that are most commonly used for the reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese.

  • Manganese Dioxide Content: Filox filters –  is a superior performer because of its very high manganese dioxide content. Manganese dioxide is the active ingredient of all leading iron/manganese reduction systems. Filox media consists of 75% to 85% manganese dioxide. By contrast, Manganese Greensand is 3% and Birm is 1% manganese dioxide. The high manganese dioxide content produces a much more active and energetic medium — and a much more effective product.
  • Service Flow Rate: Because of its superior performance potential, Filox supports a significantly higher service flow rate per bed size and can therefore be used in smaller filters than Birm or Greensand. In fact, an 8″ diameter Filox filter actually exceeds the service flow capacity of a 10″ diameter Birm or Greensand filter.
  • Media Lifespan: Filox iron filters – has an expected lifespan that is 7500 times that of Birm. The life expectancy of Filox is essentially unlimited (except in extreme iron conditions), whereas Birm filters are commonly rebedded every two or three years.
  • Particle Strength: Filox iron filters – has superior particle strength which makes it hold up better than other media during the frequent back-washing required of iron filters.
  • pH Tolerance: Filox filters- operates within a much broader pH range than most iron-reduction media, and can be used to treat waters that are significantly lower in pH than Birm. The wider window of pH acceptability (5.0 to 9.0, according to the manufacturer, as compared with 6.8 and up for Birm), means that when using Filox it is often unnecessary to add pH amendment to an iron removal system. The wider pH range also makes it much easier to predict the success of an iron filter when the pH is in the mid-6 range.
  • Chlorine Tolerance: Unlike Birm, Filox media is chlorine tolerant. In fact, it works well with all the standard oxidizing agents — chlorine, aeration, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. An oxidizer helps to keep the media fresh and assure complete oxidation of iron and sulfide. Capacity increases greatly with the use of oxidizers as pre-treatment.
  • Why Not Filox filters?

    If Filox is so great, why doesn’t everyone sell it?

    Filox- iron filters also has some disadvantages, mostly from the seller’s viewpoint:

    • Weight: For one thing, it’s very heavy. It weighs so much that it can only be packed in half cubic foot (57 lbs.) bags. For UPS shipping, Filox requires special boxing. Birm weighs less than half as much. Filter carbon, by contrast, weighs about 1/4 as much as Filox.
    • Media Cost: As compared with Birm and Greensand, Filox is very expensive. The wholesale price is almost triple that of Birm.
    • Backwash Requirement: Filox requires more frequent backwashing than most iron removal media. Except in very light use situations, daily backwashing is much preferred. Therefore, it uses more water and more wastewater disposal space (an important issue for homeowners with septic tanks).

Additional information

Weight150 lbs
  • 8×44 tank
  • 2510 fleck backwash valve with bypass valve
  • gravel
  • .75 cuft Filox media
  • 1.05″ distributor tube.
  • flow rate: 4.5 gpm peak flow rate: 6.5 GPM
  • backwash rate: 5.25 to 7 gpm depending on water temperature


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