One Cubic Foot Green Sand Filter




Manganese green sand filters pull iron and sulfur from water.
Green sand media requires a chemical called potassium permanganate.
Permanganate coates over the green sand every time it backwashes.
Permanganate is a strong oxidizer to iron and sulfur. As the water runs thru the green sand the permanganate oxidized the iron and sulfur so the green sand can remove it.

9 x 48 Tank, 5 Gallon Pot Feeder Container, 1.0 Cu ft Of Green Sand, 20 Pounds Of Gravel, 2510 Fleck Automatic Backwash Valve, 3/4″ Bypass Valve.


  • Iron reduction over wide pH range
  • Effective reduction of hydrogen sulfide in addition to iron and/or manganese
  • No harmful effects from a chlorine feed
  • Low attrition for long bed life


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