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SoftPro Mini Series

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Compact 3 canister system removes sediment, chlorine, a high percentage of metals such as lead and copper, as well as converts hardness minerals giving the effects and benefits of soft water. Easy installation and removal; take it on the go! Perfect for home use or on your recreational vehicle.

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How it works: The scale reduction media reacts with the calcium and magnesium ions and converts these ions into a crystalline form where they no longer have bonding abilities; inhibiting these molecules from adhering to surfaces and therefore reducing scale buildup. It uses a non-cellulose carbon impregnated cartridge that works for chlorine removal, taste reduction, odor reduction, and sediment removal all while maintaining minimal pressure drop!

Key Features: 
-Easy installation and removal, take it on the go.
– Works with up to three bathrooms and 8gpm.
-Only replace a filter once every three months.
-NCP non-cellulose cartridges are resistant to bacterial attack making them ideal for both city water and well water  applications.

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