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The SoftPro® Premiere Pura Optimus series High Efficiency – 24K Water Softener ( System is preloaded ready to install)

$1,419.00 $692.00

Softpro® Premiere Pura Optimus Series on Demand Upflow Water Softener.

3/4″ Valve

Upflow Regeneration and Variable Backwash

75% Less Salt

64% Less Water

10% Crosslink Resin

High-Quality Neoprene Insulating Jacket (Optional)

10 Year Control Valve Warranty

Lifetime on Resin and Brine Tank

Mediaguard KDF Filter

Resin Options *

Brine Tank Size *

Black Neoprene Jacket

Quick Pro Connector Kit

Flexible Stainless steel Corrugated hoses with shark bite fittings for quick/easy connection from your plumbing to the system

Drain Line Tubing

Bundle Packages



The SoftPro® Pura Optimus series  System Includes:

The SoftPro® 24,000 grain capacity Pura Optimus series Up Flow On Demand Metered Control

.75 Cu. Ft. 10% Crosslink (Highest Durability and Capacity) Resin

3/4″ and 1″ unique bypass with integrated turbine meter.

8×44 Resin tank with lifetime warranty

Large 18×33 brine tank holds over 300lbs of salt. With a Lifetime warranty

Salt Grid prevents salt bridging

Safety Overflow float assembly

Ships loaded ready to install

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