Titan 1000 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

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RO Titan 1000 Commercial Reverse Osmosis system feature an excellent pre-treatment design, high quality components, and overall high performance. Titan reverse osmosis systems are designed for higher recovery rates and minimum energy consumption. Experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operation costs when you install a RO 1000 Titan Commercial Reverse Osmosis System.
Features include:

  • Tested & Proven Performance
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Reliable Long-Term
  • Performance Tested & Sanitized
  • Compact & Space Saving
  • Low-Energy Consumption
  • Consistent Quality Made in the U.S.A


RO Titan 1000 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Include:

  • Membranes:  Three 2.5-inch TFC HF4 Extra Low Energy Membranes-For maximum removal of impurities and a high flow rate.
  • Membrane Housings:Three 2.5-inch x 21-inch Champ Membranes-Featured design that require no tools when servicing.
  • Pump and Motor:  One 601 Fluid-O-Tech 3.2 GPM NSF Approved Brass Rotary Vane Pump -Allows for continuous high pressures. One 3/4 HP Motor 110 or 220 Volt 50 or 60 Hertz CSA and RU (UL recognized)
  • Frame: One aluminum White Powder Coated Frame-Corrosion resistant
  • Sediment Filters: One 4.5-inch x 10-inch Big White 5 Micron Polypropylene Filter
  • Carbon Block: One 4.5-inch x 10 inch Big White 5 Micron Carbon Block – Removes Chlorine, Tastes, and Odors
  • Filter Housings: Three 4.5-inch x 10-Inch Big Grey double o-ring Filter Housings
  • Pressure Gauges: One PuroTech 2.5-inch 0-300 PSI Panel Mount Glycerin Filled Gauge and Two PuroTech 1.5-inch 0-160 PSI Bottom Mount Dry Gauges-For Monitoring the RO’s operating pressure as well as the filter and carbon operating pressure.
  • Low Pressure Switch: One McCanns Low Pressure Switch- Provides a safety to the pump to keep it from running fry if there is insufficient feed water pressure.
  • Solenoid Valve: One Solenoid Valve with Manual Override -Assists with the on/off function of the system.
  • Concentrate Valve: One 1/4-inch Brass Needle Valve-Regulates the systems product to waste ratio.
  • Computer Controller: One Manual On/Off Switch
  • RO Titan 1000 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is a Genuine EOM product

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs


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