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Calcite filter - Fleck 5600 Calcite Filter Raises pH In Water

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PH Filters


Acidic water – water that has a pH level of less than 7 – can eat away at copper pipes and leave your faucets and plumbing fixtures with blue-green stains. The normal pH level for surface water is 6.5 to 8.5, so if your water has a lower level, it could be corrosive. One effective way of raising the pH is to add calcite, a natural alkalizing agent, to the water.

A backwashing calcite filter includes a tank, calcite media, and a control valve. When untreated acidic water flows into the tank, the calcite is slowly dissolved into the water, making it more neutral. This treated water can then flow into your home for everyday use. Under normal conditions, only enough of the mineral is dissolved into the water to bring the pH up to a more neutral level, so there’s no risk of over correcting the problem.

calcite filter