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filtersorb replacement media

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Replacement Media filter

Replacement media for a 8×44 Filtersorb System.Note with chrome jacket tank well measure 10″ wide

Replacement media for a 8x44 Filtersorb System.replacement media for a 8x44 Filtersorb System.Note with chrome jacket tank will measure 10" wide

Watch-Water® is the embodiment of a new technology, Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC). Transformation of Calcium and Magnesium hardness into non-soluble micro crystals is the fundamental of this unique product. The formed crystals provide essential minerals to the water making it healthiest water available. FILTERSORB® SP3 doesn't add up any sodium in the water like conventional softeners. 

FILTERSORB® SP3 is the result of deep research work along with its undisputable success in the market worldwide. 

Watch-Water®'s core motivation for developing this product was to find a true replacement for the conventional sodium based water softeners, ion-exchange resins or other chemicals, those are either partially functional or functions at the cost of the environment & health. Increased sodium content in water or decreased pH factor (making water acidic) directly influence the health problems, environmental damage and damage to the systems those are vulnerable to chemical corrosion due to sodium. 

Recent restrictions upon many softeners eventually leads to an environment friendly, cost effective true solution for water softening, Watch-Water®'s FILTERSORB® SP3.


Nucleation Assisted Crystallization

 Once formed and detached from the surface of FILTERSORB® SP3 media beads, the crystals will not adhere to any other surfaces, even in the case of hot water applications. The crystals cannot form scale because of its stable molecular structure and neutral surface electro potentiality. 

Nucleation Assisted Crystallization is the basis of reliable Scale Prevention capability of FILTERSORB® SP3. 

The transformation of water hardness takes place in the following steps: 
1. Continuous transformation of water hardness makes the immediate crystal growth possible with unidirectional chemical equilibrium viz. Ca(HCO3)2 → CaCO3+ CO2 + H2O 

As CO2 leaves fast the right hand direction of the equation is preserved. 

2. The crystals developing on the surface of the FILTERSORB® SP3 bead, grow rapidly and nucleates 
3. After a certain period of time the micro-emulsion of CO2 and CaCO3 forms colloid particle and leaves the media bead surface in neutral form. The average dimension of CaCO3 crystal coated globules ranges in sub micro-meter scale. The noted reaction time is normally around 5 seconds.


Micro Crystals and Colloid CO2 : The story behind amazing pH stabilization of FILTERSORB® SP3 treated water 

Influence of formed CaCO3 as pH balancing factor: 
The reaction: Ca(HCO3)2 → CaCO3+ CO2 + H2O is unidirectional while SP3 is transforming the hardness into water insoluble crystals.

• In nucleation assisted crystallization process formed CO2 leaves as colloid gas and is used as the template by the rapidly growing crystals in the nucleation site.
• Formed CO2 micro-bubbles exists in colloid form and thus does not form carbonic acid to dissolve back the calcium/magnesium crystals
• Hence, the reverse reaction of CO2 with water forming Carbonic Acid is not possible and the pH stability is maintained. In fact every excess CaCO3 crystals are buffering any carbonic acid left over