Triple O Ozone Water Treatment System

Triple O Ozone Water Treatment System Less mixer - 120V or 220V

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Triple O Ozone Systems

Triple O TWTS 101 Less Mixer120

Details: TWTS-101 Less Mixer 220 Volt


Model TWTS-101 Less Mixer System -220V

System includes Triple O Ozone Generator , 100 sq. ft. Filter Module, stainless chain to hang filter on, diffuser kit with tubing to connect. No Mixer Assembly with this system. This system does not require water line connections. The Triple O systems works independently from well pump flow rates, and can therefore be used on gravity fed as well as standard well systems.  The Triple O Ozone system can be used in tanks up to 10,000 gallons in size.

Details: The system uses an ozone generator in combination with an air pump to continuously aerate your water tank with tiny ozone saturated bubbles which oxidize and kill many of the impurities in your well water.

These ozone saturated bubbles also provide the pumping action to constantly circulate and filter the entire contents of your holding tank at the rate of about 10 gallons per minute (600 gallons per hour over 14,000 gallons per day). The result is refreshing, delicious, high quality water throughout.