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  • I purchased the Softpro Elite Plus from you. Our water is extremely hard here in AZ and we could smell and taste the chlorine at times. With this system are water is soft and the chlorine taste and smell is gone, we drink the water from our faucets now. Thank you for such a excellent product.

    Gary D
  • I just wanted to say thank you for such a excellent product and service, my water softener has been working great for over 12 years now. I only had one issue after all these years, my water was not soft anymore. I called and spoke to Jeremy. Jeremy asked if i was using salt up and i said no not really. He had me break up the salt in my salt tank with a broom handle and regenerate the system that night. The next day my water was soft again.

    Roy P
  • Quality Water Treatment service has been superb.

    Carl J
  • Your Tech help was outstanding. I purchased a fleck water softener from you eight years ago and you walked me through fixing the problem. In the world we live in it seems to be the norm to purchase something and not get service after the sale an to receive such excellent support after all these years at no charge is unheard of. You guys rock.

    Kevin C
  • Thank you for such a great product. My softpro water softener is working flawlessly. I love the features and how easy it was to set up. Very high quality in comparison to my old fleck water softener and so far i have used very little salt compared to before.

    Randy L
  • Perfect purchasing & installation process for our new elite plus water softener.

    John T
  • The softpro elite basic water softener is an excellent product and your customer
    support has been the “icing on the cake”. Your company’s response to my phone calls and e-mails has been exceptional….
    Don C
  • This company goes above and beyond for their customers. I had done my research prior to purchasing a water softener and I knew I wanted a Fleck brand head. I had a few companies come out and give me estimates and I couldn’t stomach paying an installation fee that was as much as a unit if not more. I read and read and heard so many good things about this company that I started to bother them with a ton of questions. They were so helpful prior to buying, while installing, and with questions regarding is it working right. I have a whole house filter in addition to my softener and I later tested my water a month after install. THE BEST WATER!!!! Give yourself the best, invest in what this company has to offer!!!!

    Amanda D
  • You guys answered your phones and responded to my emails. Heather and Jeremy were extremely helpful. The Softpro water softener i purchased from you has been working great and has already saved me a lot in salt. Thank you so much for the great product and service.

    Kristian M
  • Thank you VERY MUCH for your help and the quick response! We greatly appreciate it! Amazing customer service!

    Eric and Amanda
  • Jeremy and Heather,Thank You so much. What service!!!! WOW!!This is very nice of you and I appreciate it.

    Jim Wayne
  • Hi, I have been installing Your Water Treatment systems using a variety of your products for about 6 years. I have had no serious issues and no serious problems. I do not sell any particular brand, but I highly recommend Your company because you are extremely competitive. I will continue to steer home owners towards your products. You have a large variety of high quality products and there has never been a serious problem. Rain soft charges about 5,000 dollars for simple system. Normally your systems cost about 1,000 for all good components with plenty of extra’s , Then about 200 for materials and 500 for labor on average . So I grossly under cut, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and many others. They do not like competition.

    Allen K
  • Thank you for your outstanding customer service. Rest assured you will be the first place I go for Additional items.

    R/ Chris
  • I want to thank you for the product you sold ” chlorine injector with greensand and carbon ” its working great.Smell of the water is totally gone.

  • Dear Heather: I just wanted to write and let you know how delighted I am with my Fleck 5600 system! It is definitely worth every penny, and is one of the best investments I’ve made in my home. Yes, it did take me two years to get my stuff together, but understand, I had to first upgrade my electric panel (my 1972 home needed it!) in order to have a dedicated line run to the side of my house where my water line came in, save the money for the water conditioning equipment, and pay to have a Master plumber install my water conditioner. I guess I’m just one of those home owners that wants everything done exactly right, and honestly, the first thing I did right was to contact your company. My plumber, Todd, was very impressed with my choice of systems, too. He purchases and installs systems from a company here in Florida that packs about 1/2 of the unit with charcoal (???!!!), and said that he pays over twice as much for that system than what I purchased from you, and he has to pay shipping! I saved some time by installing the resin, filter and meter by myself using your Youtube video, and after the equipment was installed, set up, and tested, the quality of my water was as good, if not better, than what results from the system he usually installs. I gave him your website address, because he said he has a few clients that simply can’t afford what he was buying and installing, but most likely could afford this system, so I won’t be surprised if he becomes a good customer. The total for everything: dedicated electric line – $300.00, Master plumber install – $282.00, three bags of water softener salt – $14.05, and the cost of my water conditioning equipment – $710.00 makes my total cost $1,306.85! That’s about three hundred dollars less than just the equipment that my plumber buys, and even if he gave me the equipment at cost he would have had to charge me about $2,000.00, and that doesn’t include the dedicated electric line! And Rainsoft, Kinetico and Culligan would have charged me between $2200.00 and $3200.00 for a comparable system, and I would have still had to put in the electric line! Needless to say, I am more than pleased! My chlorine-treated City tap water no longer needs a filter on the kitchen tap, or the bathroom taps, for that matter. The water is actually better than using a Pur water filter, and it all through my house! What a difference – I love it! Again, thank you for having such a great company and making these products available at an affordable price.

    Carol H. Avant
  • I just had to tell you about our experience with the new Ozone Generator setup. Initially our water had such a bad smell that we could hardly even brush our teeth using it, and we certainly couldn’t drink it. Now that it’s been installed in our holding tank for a month our water is crystal clear, has absolutely no smell at all and has no taste either. It’s just clean cold water. It is as good as any bottled water that I’ve ever had. I just wanted to let you and your customers know what an awesome product the Ozone Generator is. My wife and I are extremely happy.

  • I have everything working perfectly now! Water is noticeably better and the gallons are counting down appropriately. I really appreciate your patience while I figured this out and if I’m ever in the market or know of anyone shopping for a water softener, yours will be the only reference I give.Thank you for a great product at a great price and even better customer service

  • Thank you for your prompt shipment of new resin for the softener which I purchased from you 10 years ago.And a particular thanks to Heather who assisted me and diagnosed my problem when I called .Good job.

    Lowell Converse OHIO
  • Sorry I have been lazy about getting back to you to let you know everything is working properly now. I received the new timer insert, installed it and sent back the defective one as per your instructions. The new unit keeps perfect time. Thank you for taking care of this for me. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will certainly recommend customers to you when the opportunity arises.

    Carroll Hudson
  • Thank you for sending me the parts that I needed in such a timely manor.My new water softener is up and running and everything seems to be working fine.I would be happy to do business with you again in the future or to refer others.

    Charles S.
  • The Fleck 2510 I recently purchased works fantastic. Our well water tested at about 17 grains hardness, not to bad but was quickly making the dishes cloudy and the faucets looked pretty bad. Now, they are crystal clear.Have a good day!

    George C.
  • Hi Craig, You guys are awesome! Very easy to install my softener system, and No leaks! Working with nice soft water feel! I will keep you in mind for any future project.

    Ron Bushka
  • Hi Jill,We spoke last week and I wanted to thank you again for helping me choose the right system. I have 1.5 ppm iron well water and you had advised not to worry w fine mesh and a 24k would be fine for my situation (vs 32k). With the extra money you saved me, I ended up going with the 2510 metered and upgraded to Sst60 resin and mediaguard filter. I’m telling everyone I know to check out Quality Water Treatment before making another water softener purchase. A local shop wanted $1100 for a similar system compared to the $750 for yours- wow.Have a great day!

    S. Duncan
  • I bought a water softening system sp32 – SoftPro Elite from your company about 3 weeks ago and got it installed about 2 weeks ago. I would like you to know that I am very happy with my purchase.Heather was very helpful on the phone and because I am a very insecure handyman she promised to help me if I called with questions about installation.Well, Heather lived up to her promise. She was kind, knowledgeable and very patient with me. I think I had to call her and ask for assistance/explanation about 3-4 times. She did not disappoint me at any time.The plumber finished the installation and Heather helped me to program the unit. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and I am writing to let you know that Heather did a wonderful job in suggesting the right product for us and in giving me the customer assistance that I really needed. I will be suggesting your company to my friends for their water softening needs.Please let Heather know of my respect and appreciation.

    Hank Heller/Parsippany, NJ
  • Quality water treatment does a excellent job of taking care of its customers but without the very knowledgeable sales and tech staff I doubt the company would be such an excellent company!! Thanks again to the sales staff for the advice I received on purchasing the right softener and the media guard filter.Tech help was OUTSTANDING !! Products were shipped when the were promised and received in great condition. This is the second time I have purchased products from Quality water treatment and the service has been superb, I will do business with this company when it comes to water treatment.

    Ed Davis
  • Just want to say how pleased I am with the order I made for a softener. Everything was received in good condition and the unit I purchased was an exact replacement of my old Flint and Walling softener. The fine mesh media does a superior job of iron removal and my water has never looked better. Your website was very helpful to select the right unit.

    John Larimer
  • Thank you very much for your rapid response to my technical questions in regards to service flow rate and max backwash flow rate. and thank you Heather for your call to reassure me that service flow rate was 15 g.p.m. and max backwash was less than 3 g.p.m. I instructed Heather to go ahead and ship. Your Company will go far with employees such as these 2 people and I will recommend your company to any and all people I know who are looking for water service.

    Jim Brickey
  • I want to tell you what a good job that Heather did in answering questions related to this order. I had studied your web site and others in detail and she had all the right answers. I asked some tough technical questions and the answers were very good. I look forward to installing and using the new system when it arrives. Hopefully it will work as expected for a very long time. (I had a Fleck economiser system 40K for almost 20 years and finally gave up the ghost)

    Thomas Edgar
  • Adapter received yesterday afternoon. Both the adapter and display board were installed last night, powered up, programmed per the installation instructions and everything is working fine! Old parts are being packed & shipped back to the address on the Return Goods label provided.Thank you for your prompt & professional service. Strongly recommend your company to anyone.

    Harry Angell
  • Thank you for your prompt shipment of new resin for the softener which I purchased from you 10 years ago.And a particular thanks to Heather who assisted me and diagnosed my problem when I called .

    Lowell Converse
  • I recently purchased and installed your Fleck 9000 Metered Twin 48K Water Softener. I was very pleased how fast the packages arrived. I was also shocked that someone answered my emails over the Memorial day weekend with tech answers on installation. I have dealt with Culligan for 28 years and was shocked how much they wanted for a twin softener, that’s when I Google and found your company. I was very satisfied with the price, the service I received, and now the quality of water that I am getting. I had forgotten what soft water feels like from a well. No more waiting for the softener to finish it’s regeneration cycle in the middle of the night with the old single resin tank. I have actually sent pictures to my family, they think I am nuts, I believe it’s a piece of art. (ok maybe a little nuts.)Fleck 9000 Twin Demand Water Softener Thank you for your help when I needed it most!

    Greg Bennett/PA
  • Sorry I have been lazy about getting back to you to let you know everything is working properly now. I received the new timer insert, installed it and sent back the defective one as per your instructions. The new unit keeps perfect time. Thank you for taking care of this for me. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will certainly recommend customers to you when the opportunity arises.

    Carroll Hudson
  • You guys get 5 stars. I am a “do-it- yourselfer” but when it came time for a water softener I was a little cautious. Plus, I wanted a prograde, high quality system that was customized to my families water needs.I was not sure If we could get all we wanted, and save thousands on installation, but we did. I did a lot of research on line and spoke with quite a few other other online water softener companies. No one even came close to having all the knowledgeable answers and products we were wanting. We did not want to add salt every month or two because we are so busy, so they sold us a much larger brine tank that will reduce forgetting and refill schedules. We also have random water volume usage. The Fleck 9000 dual tank system eliminates the guessing with timers and saves on salt. They walked us through the whole process from start to finish. So, bye bye over priced plumbers and Water softener guys, and hello to the next generation in DIY companies. The Internet is great !

    L. Armstrong
  • I want to say thanks for the outstanding customer support and education about water softeners.

  • The iron level in the water at my place of business was so bad that we could not get the boats at the Marina clean. I have tried several companies over the years and know one was able to clean up my water, I was even told by a few water treatment professionals that it was not possible.Quality Water Treatment spent countless hours over the phone with me and set me up with a chlorination system using commercial grade peroxide a 120 gallon retention tank and a back washing iron filter.The pictures below shows the water before and after it was treated., We have been able to get the boats clean since we installed this system over a year ago.

    Mr. Facemyer
  • Just wanted to let you know, received the Fleck 5600 SXT 32K and the Mediaguard KDF 55 filter about 10-12 days ago. Following the instructions it was like slicing a piece of cake to install and has been working great. Our Clearwater Florida city water went from real real bad to real

    Jim Stinnett
  • I recently purchased and installed your SoftPro CS1 EE Metered On Demand Water Softener. I was very pleased with your helpful website, excellent price, and quick shipment. It was quite simple to install as a replacement for my old rented (continual money out the door) Culligan. I think I could feel an improvement in my water quality, in spite of having had a Culligan system for years.

    Dan Perik
  • The wife and I finally have our SoftPro Elite installed and we didn’t even have to use a plumber this time. I have told all my friends about the service level of your company and they kept asking me why I didn’t go local and just have it done.I let them know that the level I got from your company over the internet surpasses everything that I would expect.

    Sean H
  • I was very cautious about ordering a water softener online because your prices were so low, but I am very impressed by the water softener and how fast it was delivered. The installation was very easy and I can already tell a huge difference in my water quality.You have an excellent company with great products.

    Shawn Bush
  • We received great information and advice from the web site prior to making a decision on what to purchase.The order process was simple and shipping was incredibly fast. We received our entire order within 4 days of ordering. All documentation and installation instructions made the install easy for someone like me, who has only sweated copper one time in his life.Customer service was impeccable with handling of warranty. We could have not asked for a more perfect purchasing/installation process for our new water softener.

    The Millers
  • I purchased a Fleck about 3 weeks ago. I almost replaced my softener with the one that failed, and then I came across your site. Heather did a great job of steering me in the right direction as to my softening needs. Called support one time and they had me back in business within minutes. I wish that all internet dealers were as pleasurable to deal with as Quality Water Treatment. It’s hard to believe quality of this product, and actually about the same price as a kenmore which only carries a one year warranty.

    Jim Foster
  • I wanted to write and say thanks up-front for a job well done.At first I called a few local water softener companies to get replacement estimates for my existing softener which was at end-of-life. Needless to say I experienced some sticker shock. I decided to do some further research to see if those local prices were reasonable by asking friends and family members for their input.Eventually my research led me to your website.It was there that I discovered that I could get a top quality water softener (and service) at a significant savings.The information on your website answered most of my water softener questions, and after a brief phone call I got a recommendation to purchase a Fleck 5600 (SXT Metered).I received my softener in less than a week and subsequently installed it with some plumbing help from my fantastic neighbor. In spite of the inlet/outlet water lines being reversed, the overall installation went well and we have soft water again! Lastly, thanks for answering my post-install questions. >From start to finish a job well done! As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend anyone looking for a water softener to visit your website. Some before and after pictures:

    Jim R.
  • We Installed The Water Softener last Thursday. It works extremely well.I wanted to tell You that the old econdominder softener that we took out had the distributor tube upside down, I.E. the little basket was at the top of the tank instead of the bottom. The plumbing supply shop I bought it from must have installed it wrong. I don’t know how the water softener worked for all those years.We do notice a big difference now in our water pressure as well as the softness of the water.. We have not regenerated yet either.I want to thank you for all your help in answering my questions and your promptness in returning mt calls. I will be selling this house hopefully this year. I will not hesitate in ordering another softener from you if the next place needs one. I well also recommend you to any of my friends and patients (I am a chiropractor ).

    John Cogo, D.C.
  • Just wanted to let you know that a co-worker of mine was asking about softeners and I suggested the Fleck brand. Because of your help and the incompetence of your competitor I suggested he buy the softener from your company as he did just recently.Anyway, just wanted to let you know once again that I appreciated your help and that word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.Take care and I hope your business is doing well. If others ask me about water softeners then I will direct them your way in a show of my appreciation and experience with you.

  • Last year we bought a summer home in the Georgia mountains and the water tasted kind of like well water (it is). We also had problems with red stains and the dishwasher colouring our drinking glasses. I brought out a water person and he said no problem … he would install a basic body iron filter with 1 cf of Brim and a Fleck 5600 valve. He said that would fix our problems and he could do it for only $1200. Well, I am not against anyone making a profit, but when I saw your ad for the exact same thing for $415 I decided I would do it myself.Hookup was a snap and your instructions were easy to follow. I had it online in about 4 hours, counting pvc glue drying time and back-washing the media.The results are AMAZING !!!!! The water tastes great and no more iron problems.We drove home a couple of days ago and filled some water bottles before we left. After drinking several bottles of water, I opened one and it tasted off. I asked my wife when she filled the bottle, but she said it was a new one from the store. Our filtered water actually tasted better than store bought!!I would recommend you to anyone in need of water filtration and your prices are amazing. I can see why you have been in business for 20 years. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    John in Florida
  • I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks to you for your assistance and outstanding customer service in getting my system to me.. I ordered on Tuesday and system arrived by 1PM on Thursday.. Just terrific service. The system is in and appears to functioning fine..

    Monte Huff
  • Craig, here are some first impressions on my decision to order a softener system from you. I will provide an updated version after installation.I just ordered a Clack WS1-32K water softener system from Quality Water Treatment (QWT) yesterday. Our 24 year old Culligan softener has exceeded its service life.My first step was to obtain prices from two local water treatment companies. The first quote was $1468 for a Fleck model or a Rain Soft system for $1630 plus $125 to install either one. I immediately employed my internet research skills to find QWT and their price for the same exact Fleck unit at $734. I then talked with Craig who recommended the Clack system over the Fleck unit for several reasons based on his years of experience with both.Then, I requested the second quote, on the same Clack system recommended by Craig, which was $1600. When I showed the owner/operator the QWT price, he said $1400 was the lowest price. I called him a few hours later to tell him I liked to support local small business owners and to asked him to “meet me” at a lower price. He stood firm on $1400.I then ordered the same system from Craig for $556!! I have contracted a local plumber to install the new unit for $100. Even with a significant tip for the install, the system total is half price for the same exact Clack model.For potential consumers–look no further! You have just found an excellent source of water treatment equipment with professional assistance and fantastic prices. What more could you possibly expect? When the owner of the company answers the phone and is willing to talk you through all the details and display expert knowledge and patience in the process, I knew I was at the correct site. Customer service in today’s age is almost nonexistent by English speaking “real” people. Craig puts the customer into his service! Thank you Craig for your pleasant “digital” shopping experience. Will provide more details later.

  • Thank-you! I purchased a fleck5600SE 64K system from you in Oct 2007 for our home in Illinois. I was an older house, on a private well, with plenty of hardness issues. This system worked miracles; with the laundry, showers, faucets and fixtures, and even cleaned up the old Kitchen-aid dishwasher.I don’t know how we ever lived without it. We have recently purchased a new home in Michigan, and it was a very easy decision to purchase another system for this house, from you of course.You still offer the best product, service and shipping, and price than anyone else I could find. We look forward to the many benefits of soft water once again. And by the way, the ‘old’ unit back in Illinois is still working flawlessly.

    Mark O. MIchigan
  • Thanks for the support, you have an awesome company.

    Jim Siudzinski
  • Dear Quality Water Treatment, Wanted to give you a testimonial that you can post on your website. Installation went pretty smooth. The only difficulty I had was a lack of knowledge in sweating a copper/brass fitting. Never done it before, but it went fine. All parts were there and I can already tell that this is a quality valve (Clack WS1EE) compared to the Kenmore (Ecowater) system I’m replacing.Looking forward to enjoying soft water again. I found it easier to program by the capacity (48000grains) divided by the hardness (14gpg) to get a number of about 3400 gallons between regenerations. That is the theoretically gallon limit for this unit before it needs to be regenerated. I knocked that down to 3200 since my family uses less than 200 gallons a day based on my water bills. My unit should only regenerate every 16-18 days. I set the override at 16 days just to be safe.With the digital meter, I’ll be able to watch my gallons per day usage and make adjustments as necessary. I like the amount of info the Clack can display back to the user.I thought this was an easier way to figure things rather than the usual method of figuring water usage by (# people in household)*(70gallons per person)*(14gpg hardness), then dividing that into the capacity of the unit I bought (48000grains) to get the number of days between regenerations, and then rounding that down a day and taking it times the daily usage again (# people in household)*(70gallons per person) to get your gallons between regenerations that you actually program into the unit. Many people have mentioned that they never hit that 70gallons per person a day limit and using that number will cause more regenerations than needed. If you have your utility bill statements for the last year, take the worst month and use that for your figuring.

    Dave, Omaha, NE.
  • My softener is up and running. This is the 3rd I have purchased and installed. You never know how good a company is until there is a problem, you guys helped me out and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.I have 2 more rentals that have softeners from other manufacturers and when those go bad I will replace them with yours.

    Glenn T
  • We just purchased the SoftPro CS1 with 96K grain. Although it is too soon to tell the performance and durability of the unit, for now I can only say that we made a good decision. The price is unbeatable compared to other brands and similar capacity. Delivery was fast, within 4 business days after it was ordered, and assembly was easy even for a non handyman like myself.Just follow the step by step online install guide and you can’t go wrong. A regular plumber did the plumbing of the water line connections. He used all 1″ Type “L” commercial grade copper pipes. A secondary bypass consisting of three 1″ “ball valve” were also installed so I can disconnect the resin tank completely in case I need repair on the unit in the future without shutting off the main line into house. This is additional cost and perhaps not necessary, but I thought the idea was worth it. A hose bib on the output line was also installed just in case I want to wash my car with soft water. For the drain line, I used 5/8″ OD x 1/2″ ID clear vinyl tubing The total cost for the plumbing installation is $250.00 including materials and labor.One more thing I should mention, the reason we decided to get the 96K grain unit was that the REGEN would be less frequent, thus it will use less salt and water to clean the system which could amount to big savings over time, and hopefully would also extend the service life of the unit.Last, I would like to thank Craig and his team for great customer service.

  • I’ve been working with Craig Philips of Quality Water Treatment for the past 8 years, and more specifically, the past several months since, due to health reasons, I had to change out my water softener to a salt free softener and a h2o2 pump. Craig’s been a gem. He’s responded promptly when needed. He explains what to do patiently. He thinks out of the box and explores the most financially reasonable options first. Craig’s my main water man.

    Jo L
  • I am very happy to let your know that your expert analysis of my Fleck Water Softener system dilemma was right on the money. I was worried that the problem I was having was something really serious, or expensive. However, after I explained the symptoms, and a couple of questions from you, you were right there with the likely fix and how to get at the part. I was very relieved to find the Usage Counter Impeller stuck as you described, and with a little forced air, had it whistling ‘dixie’ just like you explained. It only took about 10 minutes to effect the whole repair, and having the unit back online. I have to say that this product has been performing great since I installed it over 6 years ago.

    Frank M. F
  • Thanks for the fast and professional service.I purchased a SoftPro CS1 EE 80,000 grain set up.It was easy to install and due to the excellent instructions on programming the controller that was a breeze .I can’t believe how long i used the high maintenance and inadequate culligan system that was installed.I will definatley be calling Craig when I get ready to install a new softener in my work shop ,there was no cons to this deal just pros.

    L. Arndt E. Claire Mi.
  • Here are some pictures of the 3 items I purchased from you, I installed them a few weeks ago, NT150-100 sand separator Carbon filter with Fleck control valve SP48 softener.

    Nick Lambusta
  • Thank you for your products, mine works great and I have been telling my friends about the softeners.

    Jerry f
  • Thanks also for the best price available. It took some research to find you site, I was searching Fleck 5600 SXT 32,000 specifically, and found one other site to be your main competition in price, but it wasn’t immediately obvious that your site offers the upgrade on the brine tank free. And maybe an explanation of the resin would help customers (I had no idea c-249 wasn’t being produced and that your stock resin was comparable).

    Kyle Brown
  • I just have to say, I would have gladly paid twice the price for the systems you sold me if I knew this was going to be the outcome. I installed the Terminator system and the softener system the day after they arrived. I initially placed them along side the Rainsoft system, and it looked like dump trucks parked along side a Mini-Cooper!!! Installation was easy.Programming a little bit more challenging than installation, and I still don’t know if I have them set properly, but set according to the instructions. I check them frequently. But what I do know… is that I have sparkling, clean tasting, clear water. For the very first time. My wife and I scrubbed all the rust stains out of our toilets, and they look brand new. We were out of town for a week, and we would usually return to orange stains and orange water. Not anymore.My wife is very happy which means I am very happy. You took care of our problem like you said you would. My hat is off to you. I cannot thank you enough. I wish I had known years earlier that a solution like this existed. It would have saved me a lot of money and years of frustration.By the way, I had 80lbs of salt from the old system that I put in the new system. I know it has cycled, but I can hardly tell it has used any salt. I would have used all that salt and another 80lbs by now with the Rainsoft system.In case you were interested, the Rainsoft system is now in the dumpster… where it belongs.

    John Lawson
  • Perfect!! Thank You for the quick response. This is exactly what I needed. Quality Water is living up to the excellent reviews by 100% of your customers read on the web.

    Leonard M
  • I Appreciate Your Help – The support staff nailed exactly what I needed to repair my Fleck 2510 and spot-on instructions on how to install it. It works like a champ.

    Craig L
  • You and your company are Incredible and I am impressed with your ” can do ” attitude and attention to detail to excellent customer service.The well water here in our Connecticut home has never been so Clear and Crystal Clean.Thanks To You for recommending the Fleck 2510 SE along with the Iron Neutralizer system.You are the Best in the water treatment business.

    Frank Fredericks
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased my family and I are with our water softener. I installed the Fleck 5600SE 64k grain softener in June 2008 and it has made an immediate difference. We live in Midland Texas and the water is well known for being hard. One thing we noticed was the difference in our silverware and dishes. We had purchased new silverware the year before and over the months, they just started looking bad. My wife washed them right after I put the softener in and they looked like new again. After we saw the difference,she washed all the silverware, glasses, and dishes and everything looked great. Before the softener, the bathtub had to be scrubbed every two to three weeks because it would get a hard soap scum that was hard to remove. After the softener, it gets a real light soap scum after six weeks and it is real easy to remove. The water is the hardest here in the summer because the city uses a higher percentage of lake water so I think the tub will need even less scrubbing in the winter. There are a lot more improvements that have been noticed from cleaner and softer clothes, softer skin, less soap usage, etc. Also,bubble baths really do work! We also had to get used to using less soap to keep from getting a slick or slimy feeling on our hands and skin.We are very pleased with our experience with Quality Water Treatment and do regularly recommend your company. FYI, the city says our water averages 25 GPG hardness and peaks at around 40, the plumbers I have talked to say they set the softeners they install at 39 to 55 GPG.

    John Brideweser
  • I am trusting you are a consumer looking to purchase a soft water treatment system via the Internet in that you are reading this post.I spent a great deal of time researching water softeners at retail stores and even more time via the web. There are a lot of companies claiming to sell superior products and it can be confusing as one attempts to compare like products and companies.I strongly urge to look no further. I purchased a water treatment system from these guys one month ago. The system, Fleck 7000,was incredibly simplistic to install. If you have any doubts,read the installation directions on the drop down menu located under the water softener tab on this site. The product is the best on the market and the customer service has been great. Please do not take my words lightly, I seldom ever indorse a product.

    Mark V.
  • Thank you very much for the amazingly prompt service.I’m very glad that I came across your website. The Fleck 5600 SXT 48M with SST-60 resin arrived yesterday (within three days of ordering it).This is my third water softener. I had originally bought a Water Boss at Home Depot. The first one I brought home was defective. Three exchanges later, because of faulty electronics, I finally had a functioning softener. It worked great, but for only 4 years, and I then replaced it with a Kenmore softener. The Kenmore was problem free for nine years until the circuit board up and died last weekend after several seals failed spraying water everywhere. The comparable Kenmore replacement was now $764.99 after a $135 off sale.That said, choosing the Fleck was a no brainer. As you know, the installation is ridiculously simple and quick. Now that everything is hooked up and running I have just one question. Is the 5600 SXT controller preprogrammed at the warehouse prior to shipment with parameters for the SST-60 resin? If not, then what settings would I program in the master program to take advantage of the high efficiency resin and realize the benefit of decreased salt and water usage for regeneration?

    Mitch Halter
  • Thank you so much for all your help. You can be sure I will recommend Quality Water Treatment to my friends & family.

    Jim Singer
  • I purchased and installed a 5600SE 24,000 grain water softener from your company back in February 2007. I waited until now to write because I wanted to see if any gremlins would surface once the unit had been in service (two previous softeners that I nstalled in this house, purchased from a major retailer,both started exhibiting problems in the first couple of years of operation – around the time that the warranties ran out and most replacement parts became very hard to come by).I’m pleased to say that this softener’s performance has been flawless. The city water here is very hard (with untreated water, the dishes look worse AFTER going through the dishwasher), but the softener handles it easily, and uses very little salt in the process. Thanks for a good product at an excellent price.

    Jim O
  • Hi, I just finished installing the new Fleck 5600SE Metered 24k Grain water softener. I was replacing a GE super 35 water softener which the circuit board went down. They wanted $240 for a replacement board. It took about 2 hours to exchange the 2 units and about 1 hour for setup and testing. The new water softener seems to work great. I’m very happy at this time. You saved me a lot of money and trouble working on that other unit. Installation was easy and your instructions I downloaded from your site was great and very helpful.

    Robert Campbell
  • When I have time I will reexamine my install. Your group has always been very helpful; even before the purchase. I have 4 friends that have bought from you based on my recommendation.Thanks for helping me. Hopefully I can increase that number from 4 in the near future.

    Jim Ponti
  • Received the item yesterday and Russell @ R&S did an excellent job at installing the water softener. I wish I could take a photo of it to show you but my camera is broken. The little details that Russell did during his install proved to me he really loves his work and the end results shows it. Both of you guys will be highly recommended to my family and friends,thanks for the great service. Also thank you for recommending Russell.

    Vu Tran
  • Hi Craig, I bought a Greensand Filter, Sediment filter, and a Pentek Big Blue from you last July 2007. All is working great by the way. Our water went from rotten eggs smell and iron stains on fixtures to perfectly clear, clean, odorless awsome water.

    Eric Brundage, NH
  • Thanks so much for the info, really appreciate you responding so quickly. That was my next question about how much to add of the carbon. So thanks for answering that as well. Sorry to have bothered you on the 4th. Thanks again and have a great day.

    Brad Burns
  • Thank you for responding and staying with me after the sale!You have earned my business going forward!

    Mark Dorland
  • I just want to thank you for a pleasant and efficient transaction,and to thank Craig Phillips for his good advice and suggestions.The instructions for the setup were also clear and to the point. I will recommend Quality Water Treatment to anyone wishing to purchase a softener.

    Robert Skogland
  • I ordered your Fleck 5600SE Water Softener. I received it on the 12th, I looked at the directions and decided that I could install the unit myself. So I went to the hardware store and purchased the parts you said I needed. I followed your easy to read directions and got the unit up and running in about 4 hours. It was very easy.It has been about 3 weeks and I am enjoying some of the best water that I have ever had.

  • Your instructions were very helpful and I’ve re-programmed the refill time. Thank you for taking the time to help me with my problem, I well be refering everyone I know that wants a water softener to your company.

  • I purchased the softener above (Fleck 5600SE) about six years ago and it’s been working great since installation. Can I add the mediaguard for city water and the high capacity resin? I assume that I would need to take the resin tank apart, but I put it together the first time, so reversing the process wouldn’t be all that big a deal, I guess. Possible, or not? Thanks. BTW, I also recently bought a Fleck 7000SE with the ‘goodies’ for installation at a house I’m overhauling for retirement living in Manchaca, TX. Looking forward to getting it installed next week.

    Charles Darling Laredo, TX
  • It has been nearly 5 years since I bought my water softener from you and I simply wanted to write you to thank you again for the great prices, service and products you provide. I just got off of the phone with my wife’s uncle; he bought a water softener from you a few years ago on my recommendation and he was calling to ask me what your website address was because he couldn’t remember (not a web-savvy guy) and he was going to refer another family member to your company.He has also been very happy with the water softener he purchased from you and neither of us have had ANY problems with the water softeners we purchased; not one!I am glad you keep the testimonial I originally sent you on your current website because it helped me find your site quickly; I simply entered the phrases “jason bunting” and “water softener” into Google and your site came up! By the way, your site looks great! After almost 5 years of uninterrupted service, I am more than pleased with the water softener I purchased from you; I practically don’t even know it is there because it does the job it is meant to do without problems.

    Jason Bunting
  • I have ordered water treatment equipment from other companies and so far none have come as close to the professionalism as yours.I purchased a water conditioner and the system came with everything needed for a proper installation. Your website made it clear on what I was getting. The order was shipped the next day and the price is competitive. I will further my purchases with this company and also recommend it to others.

    Jim Jensen
  • I have A LOT of iron in my water. I contacted you after talking with five other water conditioner dealers. One dealer who came in at the top of the list on internet searches quoted me $2200.00 for equipment that would not have worked because of the flow requirements.I talked to you, and I liked your knowledge and prices.I have to say, your honesty is what sold me on you. You were a straight shooter. I installed my pH neutralizer two days ago. I was skeptical that it would take out as much iron as I have (16ppm) in my water. YOU THE MAN! My water is clear,and my softener is actually softening the water again.My wife and I have noticed a difference in our skin. It is not as dry like it was. It is soft, and the iron smell in the water is gone.Thank you for your expertise and honesty. It is appreciated these days when it seems like everyone is trying to rip you off. I have recommended you to a co-worker, and I will continue to recommend you. You should be proud of yourself for the great customer service and advice you provide, along with the fact that you aren’t trying to sell thousands of dollars in unnecessary equipment to working people who just want healthy, clean water.

    Dave & Mary Bogusky
  • I purchased a Triple O TWTS 101 Ozone system from you last year. Our water had so much iron and sulfa that we could not drink it. Our dishwasher, washing machine, sinks and toilets were red with iron stains. Showering in this stuff left us smelling like rotten eggs. I purchased a 2500 Gal. surface storage tank and pumped the well water into it through the mixing valve of the installed Triple O Ozone System, and filled the tank with water so cloudy the bottom was not visible. After two hours the water was clear. I filled a glass with water through the man hole in the top of the tank after about three hours. The taste was increasable. It was sweet and had a clean bouquet.We had been using bottled water, at no little expense, but our “new found water” taste better. Our appliances, sinks and toilets are absent of the previous rust stains. The copper pipes are self cleaning as evidenced by the faucet aerators that require occasional cleaning to remove loose deposits . Our white (yellowish) towels are now bright white again. We now linger in shower instead of rushing out. The system performed as you said it would.Thank you for improving our quality of life, and thank you for being a true professional..

    Rex Leach
  • Your pre-assembly and simplified instructions helped a lot.I was replacing one of the Sears units and had 3/4 inch IPS stub-outs to connect to. I used 3/4 inch braided stainless hoses like they use to connect hot water heaters cost $15 each. So far every thing seems to function normally. Sears water softeners and the several look-a-likes are CRAP!

  • I purchased a FilterSorb SP water softening system from you around 10 months ago and it has been working great, no spotting on fixtures or dishes.

    Howard Ireland
  • Hi QWT, I wanted to thank-you for your excellent website and professionalism.I purchased a water softener and charcoal filter for my house.The local water guy wanted about $3,000 for a comparable system.I was able to purchase your system and have a plumber friend install it. (did I mentioned you saved me a boat load of cash?) We are very happy with the products, and quality of service.Keep up the good work.

    Geoff Grow
  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with our 5600SE (32,000) water softener. Finally, no more water stains on our dishes. We have only had our water softener in service for one week and can already tell a big difference. I now can look ahead into installing new faucets, sinks, commodes,and valves since I do not have to be concerned with permanent hard water stains.I also want to thank you for prompt delivery of our system.It was here in less than five working days, I could not believe it.I am giving thought into installing water softeners in our rent houses as they are on water well systems (like ours) in the same area. I will contact you when we get to that point. I feel our renters would be much happier with a system as they will not have to worry about stains on their dishes, clothes, etc.Thanks again and I will contact you when we are ready to proceed with buying units for our rent homes.

    Steve Laube
  • I live in an area with a lot of calcium in the water. According to the tests, it was around 25 grains. The magnetic system I bought from ( we left the companies name out to avoid any legal problems ) did not work for me. The instructions tell you that you have to use it for a few months so that it can have a chance to pull the scale and deposits out of the pipes,and that you may actually see an increase in the amount of junk in your faucet screens. We did seem to see more stuff in the screens for awhile, but the amount of hard water scale on the shower and sinks did not change.After about a year I called to ask questions and they ended up sending me a new unit. Same “break-in” period and same results.I have since installed a 48K grain/Fleck 5600 metered system from and really like it. It was $530, delivered to my door. I spent an additional $40 for plumbing supplies and a 3 month supply of salt and my wife loves it.I will gladly sell you a “slightly used” magnetic water softener system at a greatly reduced price!

  • I am sorry I didnt do this sooner but I wanted to send you a testimonial and I am finally getting to it.I wanted to let you know that I was and still am very happy with the water softener I purchased from you back in October 2005 (64K grain water softener with Fleck 2510SE valve, C100 Fine mesh resin and KDF 85 Mediaguard).I see that as the biggest benefit (and the price too….). With your help and support through the selection, ordering and post installation questions I have a softener that is working great. And best of all I did it myself and know a lot about the system (it seems like most water softener users don’t seem to know much about them). Well…. if not for being able to contact you and get prompt suggestions and fixes it might not have been such a smooth process.We have well water and had rust staining. Now the water is clean as ever and very soft. I have had it for about 21/2 months now and not a single streak !!!!! Also the water is definitely soft. Even though a local distributor tested our previously softened water and said it had zero hardness there was some white taining in our steamer appliance which is totally gone now.

  • Thanks again!!! Installation of system took all afternoon on 12/31/05. Had to replumb system to rearrange and make space in a very crowded storage room. System installation was very easy and as advertised. Only problem was water runback afflicting soldering; had to use plug on wire inside tubing on 2 joints, then pull plug out with wire. (Heaven help me if it hadn’t pulled out!)I have already begun recommending your system to friends – will see if any buy. Some are intimidated by the idea and will continue to suffer as we have for last ten years.A simple installation could surely be completed in two hours or less.Momma & I are soo pleased with the results so far, and look forward to even more joy once the water heater gets purged.AND, I don’t expect to have to replace the bottom element in the water heater and clean out a gallon or so of scale – that takes longer than the time it takes to install the softener.

    Charles Story
  • Dear Q.W.T., Years ago I bought a 24000 grain dual tank fleck valve 9000 series softener from you. It was in the days when a customer still had to solder the connecting pipes. I have since referred Joe Schaefer to you. Joe bought a softener and a sulphur removal system from you. I also sent David MacFadden to you. David bought a 9000 series softener from you. From helping them, I see now that there is no more customer soldering required. Nice! I just now sang your praises to Bob Yagley.Bob will be contacting you to buy a 24000 grain 9000 series softener.Lou Pasquale has been asking me, too. I suspect that he will contact you, too.I have really appreciated the quality of your softener system. I had gone through three Sears cheap plastic systems over the last 20 years and the latest one from them cost me more than the commercial-grade system that I bought from you.Your free-shipping pricing and the included diverter valve are very nice customer benefits.Your system just keeps working flawlessly and I will keep sending people your way whenever I can do so.

  • Just had to write and let you all know how happy we have been with our purchase of an AUTOTROL 255 WITH 460I DIGITAL METER.I think it has been 2 years (maybe 3) this past March,when I purchased our water softener from you. I had been using a VERY popular local company’s manual rental.We regenerated 2 or 3 times per week. We were using about 5 sacks of salt per month. Due to our inexperience we didn’t know any better. So we were paying the monthly rental of about $18.60, plus the cost of 3 to 5 bags of salt per month.I spent about 4 months trying to figure out what to do, rent or buy. I finally decided to purchase your system. It cost me $504 total, including shipping. I installed everything and had one problem, the tube in the salt container was not filling as the instructions suggested. I got on the phone and the technical expertise of your company was OUTSTANDING.The man immediately said I had a leak and told me where to troubleshoot. I immediately found the problem was with a connection in the tube. I tightened it properly and I have not had a single problem with this softener unit. Now for some more good news. I was spending a minimum of $30 per month (rental and salt) on the rented softener. With the Autotrol, 3 sacks of salt last several months. I haven’t actually timed the rate of usage, but I went from 3 to 5 bags per month to less than 1 bag per month. I have more than paid for the purchase price of this softener in 2+ years.And to think I rented that popular brand for about 13 years.One is NEVER to old to learn. I’m 64 years old and like your unit and your technical support. Both were VERY good.

    Bob Shoaf
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your water softening equipment,your service, expertise, and your willingness to help. I was referred by a friend, who had researched water softener equipment options, and therefore ordered from you, and he was quite pleased. That is when your patience in answering my questions started. After you finished answering my questions, you helped me decide which unit I needed.We selected the AT 32M, 32,000 grain/tank, dual tank, Fleck 9000 Valve, 1″ bypass, Blue, with 2 turbulators. I recommend to anyone purchasing softening equipment to consider this dual tank option. I believe the features, benefits, and efficiency are well worth the extra cost.Additionally, I would like to show you my installation,in the attached photo, and how I did something a little different.I used flexible hoses (nylon braided with 3/4 pipe thread on both ends), to isolate the softener from the rigid copper piping. This has helped immensely with quieting the noise of regeneration. It also makes the installation easier, and the stress on the conditioner head is greatly reduced. Obviously,I fastened the unit securely to the wall, since the hoses are flexible. Service will be easier, since the hoses serve the function of a pipe union, although I anticipate no service issues for many years due to the high quality components of this system.Once again, thanks for the exceptional value, in a time when most companies offer the least amount of product and services at the highest price, you are the opposite, and I really appreciate it.

    Dave Ray
  • Just wanted to let you know the softener is working just fine. I’m pleased with the product and your help. I have told several people about your good service.

    Chris Dorsch Sr
  • I just wanted to say thank you for your time, expertise and patience, even with all of my usually ridiculous questions. The softener (Fleck 2510SE) is now installed, and was a breeze, thanks to your excellent instructions and 1 or 2, OK 3 phone calls to you. You were always receptive to my questions and answered quickly and courteously (even when I had the answer right in front of me) ! I will definitely be referring you to my friends and colleagues.

    Andy Moore
  • I received my order today and everything looks great.Your web site is informative enough so I don’t think I will have any trouble installing my new water softener. Your pricing is very aggressive and product quality looks superior.

    Tim Kopetski
  • I purchased a softener and KDF 85 filter from you last week 6/7/05. I installed it Saturday. (I also attached a sediment pre filter before the softener) Thank you for your help and quick response to my questions. The results have been incredible. The worst critics of our well water have switched, on their own, from their beloved bottled water to our tap water. I, too, can’t believe the difference.

    Jim Sager
  • Hi. My name is Lynn bennett. I ordered and recieved a 48,000 grain softener with the 2510 econdominder head/with KDF 85 mediaguard. I installed this unit yesterday and everything went fantastic. Your installation instructions were right on the mark and ran into zero problems. The service, information and price from your company was top notch.

    Lynn Bennett
  • Thanks so much for the quick reply. I’m one of those people who values “customer service” above everything else and you’ve just proven to me that you are a company worth dealing with. I will remember that for our future needs and those of our friends and family.

    Kelly Bailey
  • I recently bought and installed the 5600 econominder unit from you and I am very pleased. I saved $800 over purchasing the same unit locally and with my son’s help we had it installed quite easily.

    Glen Smeltzer
  • I just wanted to thank you for your advise and patience with me as I was investigating replacing my water softener. I installed both units recently using the install guide on your website. It actually went in very easy. My wife noticed the difference in the water already. I learned a lot from you and saved a bunch of money. I was quoted a price of $1700 just for the softener from a local water company. I have already bragged about you and will gladly recommend you.

    Bill White
  • I want you to know we’re thrilled with our new rust filter,terminator, and water softener system. I’ve attached a “before treatment and after treatment” photo of our well water.My wife couldn’t tell any difference in taste between the treated water and bottled water!My contractor told me a friend of his, who also lives in my area, spent about four times as much as I paid for the system you sold me. This friend claims it’s improbable I could have such nice water for so little money.Thank you for the countless phone calls with thousand of questions. Your customer service can’t be topped.

  • Craig, attached are two pictures of my water softener installation.I completely re-plumbed the entire system using 1″ pipe to the house as you and I discussed prior to the sale. The 64,000 grain softener with the Fleck 2510 flows enough volume at a very acceptable pressure to run every shower and water using appliance in the house simultaneously. We received everything 4 days after ordering. A local company wanted $ 1,300 + tax for a 45,000 grain unit, so the 64, 000 grain unit you sold me was a bargain at $710. This was a great choice for our home, I am very pleased with your counsel and service.

    Mike Cheney
  • I appreciate your help on this thing Craig. I have told a couple of my neighbors how I saved $$$ by buying through you and how you continued to answer questions until I got everything installed properly.

    Mike Taylor
  • It has been over a months since I had the softener installed and everything is working really well. With my current setting it will regenerate about every 12 days. On GE unit that was replaced,it needs to regenerate every 5-6 days. Not only that, the water I get on the 12th day on the fleck unit is even softer than the water I got on the first day after regeneration from the GE unit.I have a friend in Canada also interested in getting a softener installed. Do you ship softeners to Toronto?

  • I want to thank you for making my water better than I ever imagined it could be. Thank you for promptly answering my questions with patients while I learned about soft water systems and installation procedures.I am sure you can tell from my photo that my system was installed by me but hey it is leak free and working perfectly. I could not have done it with out your informative web sight and your willingness to service after the sale. My wife and family are ecstatic about our soft water.

    Terry McMaster
  • The system works great. We noticed an immediate difference in our water quality. I spent the last couple of weeks building the pump house complete with slab floor. The entire previous Sears Kenmore water system was housed in a small closet

  • Wow,Thank you for the prompt reaction to this issue.A new unit was beyond what I was expecting, but I am more than satisfied with the solution.I’m recommending your company to anybody who is interested in water treatment equipment.

    Steve Monette
  • Thanx for being there once again. It s a real treat to be able to drink water you know is pure and safe, and not pay through the nose for delivery.

    John Cox
  • Thank you. I’m a happy customer. I found a plumber and he just finished the install and it only cost me $100.00.Your the best!!!!

    M. Torres
  • I received the 80k water softener yesterday morning and installed it last night. Everything seems to be working well so far. I would recommend QWT to those I know looking for an excellent price and fast delivery.I probably looked at a dozen other prices on the same product– both local retail and web stores – and your offer was the most competitive,in one case beating a local price by several hundred dollars for a smaller system.

    Mark Eastburg, Ph.D.
  • I have had the 9000 model for about 3 weeks now – it solved my water pressure problem and the water feels great.Thank you for your help. A rep. Called me prior to shipment of the unit just to make sure they understood my needs and that the order would be correct.

    John Ryder
  • Hi Quality Water, Just to let you know we received our softener we installed it ourselves with no problems at all. Your website is excellent and our next purchase will be a carbon filter from you.

    Brian and Brenda Creamer
  • Thank you for your prompt delivery. Never thought I’d order a water softener over the web, but you make it easier than going to the store !!Was very impressed with your order/shipping process -ordered one day,arrived the next. After figuring out how to solder copper pipes together,the installation process was a snap thanks to your directions.It was actually quite informative and fascinating finally seeing and understanding how these things work and what’s inside them.I have an engineered septic system and they recommend not draining the softener into it. My sump-pump is at the opposite end of the basement and I was a little leery about running the drain line overhead across the basement, but the amount of force exerted from this unit is surprising, and everything works great.Thank you for making my wife happy – no more daily toilet scrubbing to remove rust stains !!!I have already recommended your company and web site to 3-4 individuals, and will continue to do so.

    Martin Good
  • Just a quick note to thank you for your time and help in sizing the water softener for our home.As I mentioned, we are a family of 8 and our water softener failed last summer. I had been looking around for a replacement and kept putting off the decision as the water softeners offered at local retail outlets just did not cut it in capacity for our family. Additionally, I was not impressed with the construction or reliability of their units. Finding your website was the first step in solving our problem.I also want to specifically thank you for your time in helping me understand the technical aspects of the application. Your time and help sizing the unit was invaluable. At the time,I feel I could have easily have been talked into ‘getting by’ with a smaller unit offered by the local retailers. Your assistance helped me select the unit (64,000 grain) I know will meet the needs of the household for the foreseeable future.The ordering was painless, the delivery was stellar. I really expected some delays or “excuses” for a delayed delivery, but none ever happened. You have raised the bar in the web-sales arena!The installation went smoothly and the unit is operating flawlessly. The SS bypass valve is impressive to say the least. I have to agree with you that the basic 5600 valve will handle the job reliably.So there you have it. I kinda went to town with some of the plumbing around the water softener (see attached pix).But then again, I like having the operational flexibility this offers.I have forwarded your contact info to a couple other people,coworkers and acquaintances who are looking to buy a water softener. I am sure they will be in touch.

  • After much research and review with both internet and local companies I chose Quality Water Treatment above all the rest because of : 1. Years of Experience in this business 2. Quality Products offered 3. testimonials & personal call to you 4. Money saved over competitors offers I was not disappointed! The product was shipped immediately and received within five days as promised.I saved more than anticipated so I hired a plumber to install it ( I hate water problems) and we are back in operation with soft water.I had a couple of concerns to test your “after the sale” customer service and you have past the test with immediate response by replacing the defective part.Thanks again for offering such high quality products & service at affordable pricing. I’m adding you to my “highly recommend” list.

    Bob Corelli
  • Craig, Everything arrived as promised on Friday.Installed it on Saturday. Everything seems to be working good. Just want to verify the hardness setting of 46 is that correct? Let me know, I am very pleased with the product the professionalism and the price!!!My neighbors will both be ordering systems in the next week or two.

  • Many thanks to Craig not only for his expertise but mostly for his honesty and patience. It has been said that knowledge is power but sometimes that’s not always a blessing. I did a lot of research over the internet and Craig’s prices and knowledge were simply the best. He fielded numerous questions and phone calls from me and I was always impressed with his professionalism, courtesy and genuine concern for the customer.In these days, companies are very quick to make a sale and put profit before the consumer. Fortunately this does NOT refer to Craig. He listened to my numerous questions and evaluated my needs and concerns. I felt very comfortable that I made the right decision to buy from him. I even told a local automobile detailing company to call him about their needs. My hat is off to Craig and his company. I shall be a customer for life and I promise to cut down on the phone calls. By the way, I purchased the 2510 SE with a 48,000 grain tank and the Flowmatic RO system.

    Greg DeMaio, Lt Col, USAFR
  • Just wanted to drop you a line about the AT48M water softener my daughter purchased from you. We look around and got estimates and more confusion than help.You were very helpful in the final decision and the softener was delivered to my daughters door and it works great. I am a retired pipefitter and by installing it for my daughter she saved over $1000.00. I ran into a leaky O-Ring and you were very helpful in helping me solve the problem. Our experience with your company has been great keep up the good work.

    Larry Houston
  • Your response and cure for my water problem was superior.Your delivery time and response to installation questions were also superior. My rating would be 5+ stars.

    Kevin Tague
  • I did receive our new water softener and installed it last week without any trouble. The unit you recommended seems to be the right size for our family of seven.You were correct that the 75 gallons estimate is a bit high as we seem to be running about 60 gallons per person per day.Thank you for your solid advice, quality product, quick delivery and great prices. I now can’t understand why people will pay 2 to 3 times more for a less capable system. I will recommend your company to anyone I know that needs new water treatment equipment.

    Peter Hartman
  • I wanted to let you know that we received the water softener on Jan 20, 2003. We installed it Monday and Tuesday. It’s been working great ever since.I was a little leery about spending that much money over the internet, but your company came through. I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

    Denise Vigstol
  • Our order was placed late Friday 6/20/03 and today, Tuesday,6/24/03 our water softener was delivered. That is really fast service. It is in place and ready to connect as soon as I get some pipe and elbows. Again, thanks for the fast service!!

    Pat Frederick
  • Simply wanted to thank you again for your great prices and products. I received my water softener on Monday and hope to get it installed this weekend. Looking forward to enjoying soft water and will let you know how it goes.I may also be looking towards purchasing an RO system for our kitchen sink, and will definitely keep your web site in mind as I shop around!

    Jason Bunting
  • Hello! My name is Mark Anzalone. I bought a QWT-125 (40K grain with Fleck 5600 Metered Economizer control valve) 4 years ago. Let me start by saying that it is still working great. Thank you!This past weekend I decided to clean out my brine tank. While I had it empty, I decided to clean my resin bed as well. I did this by dissolving 1 cup of “Iron Out” in a 1/2 gallon of water and adding it to the empty brine well (as directed on the “Iron Out” label).I then manually cycled the softener to the “brine draw” stage to draw the “Iron Out” solution into the resin bed.After that, I refilled the brine well with salt and let the unit regenerate itself. Upon finishing, I was horrified to discover that my softener was not softening my water anymore! To make a long story short, I had to run the softener through 3 more complete regeneration cycles before it started softening my water once again. My 2 questions to you are : 1. Do you recommend periodic resin bed cleaning with “Iron Out?” 2. Did I ruin the resin bed in my softener? (i.e. Did I severely deplete the softening capabilities of my resin bed by “cleaning” it with Iron Out? Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to respond to my questions. I can tell by visiting your web site that your business has grown tremendously in the past 4 years since I bought my softener. And your prices have gone down significantly as well. Good for you Craig!I’m glad to see it.To be honest, with your new lower prices, I kind of have my eye on that “Fleck 9000 Twin Econominder” (AT 32M) softener that I really wanted, but could not afford, 4 years ago. You may just see a repeat order come in from me soon! Thanks for selling such great quality products!

    Mark Anzalone
  • Product arrived and is now installed. The installation instructions as well as the start-up instruction we’re easy to follow. All in all, a very pleasant experience that saved us about $1,000 over the cost of getting this replaced via our local water softener company.

    Susan Stephens
  • I purchased a Fleck 56-2-32-M Water Softener a few months ago. Installed and ready to go… I discovered resin in all of my fixtures… I called your support line and reported my problem… I was asked one simple question… “Do you have the supply line hooked up correctly?” Well…guess what? I did’nt! Rather than laughing at me or sounding impatient, the gentleman I spoke to stated that he has also done that more times than once. So I laughed it off and installed it correctly. I have enjoyed the benefits of the soft water from the system provided by your company. I will recommend you to my friends.

    Kevin Louder
  • I just purchased a 32000 grain dual-tank fleck 9000 system from you (order ID 420) via the internet. I installed the system in a couple hours with your supplied instructions. They were great! You made it really easy to install. Any average ‘Joe’ can tackle a project with the supplied instructions.Also, I compared your system to a neighbors dual tank purchased locally. He paid $1400 for the same system except, he has two separate 5600 Econominders. He wasn’t happy to find out what I paid.

    Rene Lavallee
  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how satisfied I am with my new Twin 9000 Water Softener. I did a fair amount of research before I placed my order over the internet. What I found was that the Fleck control is the gold standard for softener valves and your price and delivery was the best anywhere. The unit arrived within a week after I placed the order and you promptly answered my follow up email questions. Loading the mineral into the tanks was easy, thanks to the special funnel that shipped with the unit. Anybody with basic copper plumbing skills will have no trouble installing one of these.I priced identical systems from 2 local dealers and they wanted $2,500!I paid less than 1/3 of that by ordering it through you.The attached picture shows my finished installation and I’m smiling because I now have an uninterrupted supply of soft water.

    Chuck Briggs
  • I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the purchase and service of our new water softener system.We live in an older home and it was decided something needed to be done with the plumbing. We hired a plumber (and long time friend of the family) to replace all the pipes from the city main up to and through the house including the fixtures and faucets. When he was finished we discussed options for protecting the new plumbing. This of course led to the decision to install a water softener. Our plumber offered to get us a Fleck system and install it for $700 plus the installation costs.Not knowing anything about water softeners (or plumbing for that matter) I decided to shop around before making a commitment. I spent a day searching the internet, reading reports and reviews, and pricing systems from various companies.By the way, for the size system we were looking for, most of the prices started at $680 and went as high as $1500.These prices did not include the extra parts needed for a complete installation (such as the by-pass valve) or tax and shipping. At this point I began to think our plumber had offered us a pretty sweet deal. Then I happened across your Quality Water Treatment website.I “flipped” through the pages (as I did at the other sites) and found the size and type of system we wanted,with Fleck controls (since that’s all our plumber talked about) and – …wait a minute! – …that can’t be right!!$487 including shipping and all components included. But,it was right, wasn’t it.I called the plumber to let him know what I found. Of course he had a hard time believing it too, and began to warn me about “shady deals from shady companies”. He seemed to be a little more comfortable once I told him the offer was being made by Quality Water Treatment. It turns out he is familiar with the company and your reputation and this also made me feel comfortable. We both decided you definitely had the sweeter deal.The rest is pretty much history. I called you that night and placed the order. We received the unit four days later on a Tuesday. That Saturday I set the system up and a week from the following Monday our plumber came out and installed it. We don’t use much water in our household, so it took about six days to use up the water left in the hot water tank. Since then, we have been enjoying the benefits of soft water.I want to mention something on behalf of our plumber for anyone who may be concerned about the small amount of sodium in the water during drainage. When he came out to do the installation he brought with him a small metal garbage can (about 8 or 10 gallons I’m guessing). He drilled holes in the bottom, around the bottom edge and one hole in the lid.After digging out the main water line to connect the system he placed the can so it was a couple of inches below the ground. Once in place, he filled it with lava rock, fed the drain hose through the hole in the lid and put the lid in place so a short section of the hose coiled on top of the rock. Only time will tell how effective this will be, but I thought it was a pretty smart idea.There’s something else I’d like to thank you for. In this day and age, with everyone having so much to do and never enough time, I always feel I’m being rushed in and out of stores I shop at. When I try to ask the salesperson questions,I seem to get only vague answers and “…just sign here,please”. You never made me feel that way. You always returned my phone calls or e-mail. I even remember you taking the time over the phone to calculate the gallon capacity of our system and then telling me in detail how to check that the program dials were set correctly on our controls.This kind of treatment is not only reassuring but very much appreciated.

    Robert Nash
  • My husband and I recently purchased a three stage U V light system from you and we needed help installing it we didn’t know where to place it in line with our water softener and then we developed a leak. Both times that I had questions I was e-mailed a response, very promptly from your company and you fixed my leaks with a few simple suggestions and answered my question concerning where to place the UV Light.I can’t thank you enough, we are truly satisfied with the system and our water quality is now excellent.

    Pat and Paul Bursky
  • I ordered an acid reduction system from you back in April.2002 Just wanted to let you know that it has been working very well.I am running 10% corosex to calcite as you advised, and very satisfied with results.Installation was no problem. This is huge improvement over our 10+ year old system, which was erratic and very difficult to maintain.Thanks again for great product at great price, and the personal attention you gave me during the order.

  • Thank you so much. Your company has been a pleasure to do business with.

    Kevin & Joan Lambert
  • Just wanted to let you know that the filter system is working great. It has completely removed iron from my water supply.My wife washed her white uniform today and it actually came out the same way it went in….white! Imagine that!! I guess I she’ll keep me around after all !.

    Jonathan Hyatt
  • I was recently searching for a twin-tank softener system and narrowed my search down to your site ( and another company on the internet that sell Fleck softeners I was glad I had done my research and chose your system.This other Company is a SCAM. They are advertising and selling a 24,000 grain system as a 48,000 grain system. Instead of calculating the size and the amount of resin for each tank they are combining the two, which is a Scam. I am not an expert, but from what little research I have done a twin-tank system size is calculated by using each tank size and its own resin amounts. Each tank is done separately, because when one tank is providing service while the other is regenerating.So, 48,000 twin-tank system should give 48,000 grains of service per tank, not 24,000 per tank. I am glad you spent the time talking to me on the phone and explaining how a twin-tank system works I am not usually a business basher,but it’s not right for money hungry businesses to mislead consumers.

  • I just wanted to write a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Curv aeration and birm filter system. I had a serious sulfur odor for years and now my water has no odor at all. Even though I had a water softener I still had very hard water. Now I only have to regenerate once a week and I have no more staining at all. By the way, I received quotes from local dealers for similar equipment for close to $3000.00 Your system was less than $900.00.Thanks for your great products and service.

    Joe Crouch
  • I installed this weekend and all my water problems seem to be resolved! In fact, it’s wonderful water – thank you so much for all your help. This saved me $1200 over the local contractor– and that’s not counting what he would have charged to put in the carbon filter!

    Andy Jewell
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll use your information to get the water softener set up. I hope to have it installed in a few days.

    Jim Dike
  • I have the whole system installed and we are very pleased with the result. NO SMELL, NO STAINS, and very soft water.Thank you for taking the time to explain how everything works and your patience in helping me decide. Your recommendations were right on as also your predictions of the result. I spoke to at least five other water equipment dealers and you were the most forthright in designing to my needs. You also saved me a lot of money and I want you to know that I will recommend you to any of my friends and neighbors who want straight answers from a water guy.

    Dave Scott
  • I purchased a water softener and RO system from you February 2001 or so.Since it has been almost a year, I wanted to check back to order and replace the filters on the RO unit. I would like to be placed on a reminder list to order the filters each year, and the RO filter every 4 or 5 years.l am sure you remember me as the guy with the 1 1/2 inch line that I reduced down to 3/4 inch for the water softener. As you said the plumber was wrong, my pressure is good thru the whole house.All is working well, and I have recommended your systems to several others.

    Devon W. Block
  • I received the water softener last Friday. I got it installed and it is working great. Thank you for the great service.

    Steve King
  • First let me say, thank you for being very responsive to my requests. You have been very prompt in answering my questions and I appreciate that very much. Yes I should have been aware that the holiday would affect your business hours. Just a little excited the get the softener installed. Thank you for humoring me.

  • Just a quick note Craig, to let you know that the water softener arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday. We waited until Saturday for the actual installation (have to go to work to earn money after all!),and all went well! We now have nice soft conditioned water!Thanks for your help!

    Susan and Alan Gast
  • I recently purchased a water softener from you and wanted to express my complete satisfaction. I installed it with some help from my son in about 3 hours. I saved $600 doing business with you rather than the local water treatment “experts”. I especially appreciated the advice and help I received from Craig, a true professional. The local sales people here are not knowledgeable and only want your money. We have soft water daily using about 50% less soap. No soap curd in clothes, no stained glassware and toilets. The system is beautiful. I will probably be buying a reverse osmosis system from you this year.

  • Thank you for all your help, my water was so bad with iron staining everywhere and it smelt terrible. I had over five local companies come out and test my water. After they were finished talking to me I was more confused than ever. Your knowledge is well appreciated and the systems I bought from you are working great, I installed them in about three hours.You made me a believer that I can buy stuff off the internet and still get great service.

    Mike Land
  • Thank you very much! You were very prompt and provided excellent feed back through out this transaction regarding shipment and about the product itself. I received delivery of this item today 2/9/07.

    Jauhar Hashmi
  • My family and I are very happy with the quality of our water – it’s perfectly soft and odor-free. I saved $1200.00 over “*!?#soft” and got an 80000 grain unit instead of the 48000 grain unit that they wanted to sell me. I wish you and your business well.

    Kenneth Zaleski
  • I have had your Triple O ozone system and water softener at my house now for about four years. during that time I have emailed or called you with different questions and I thank you for your quick responses and help. I need a replacement bulb for the Ozone system, can you email me and let me know how to order one from you.

    Bill Buchanan
  • I wanted to let you know that you saved us over $2000.00 on our water treatment system. Your professional attitude and knowledge of water treatment blew all the local companies away. I was hesitant on buying such equipment from a company so far away and you have eased my mind of that. It has been 8 months now and our water is great, we tell all our friends and neighbors about you.

    Carl Pagnini
  • We wanted to let you know that the Water Softener we purchased from you in 1999 has been working great. Thanks again for all the time you spent with us and the great service. We want to buy another Water Softener for our daughters house and need to know what size to get. Please email or call us so we can order the right one.

    John Boyd
  • We received our water softener last month and installed it. The water is soft and all our fixtures are cleaner than they have ever been. Thank you so much for the great advise and service. We almost spent $1,200.00 for the same system we got from you for just over $500.00 all together we saved a lot of money and got great quality as well.

    The Schusters
  • I want to thank you for you patience and applaud you on your customer service. In a day when most company representatives blow people off for asking questions, you take the time to educate people. I agree it makes for better customers, but it is very rare and should be commended.

    Briana Marshall
  • Thank you so much for a perfect internet transaction. We ordered the 70SE-2-64M late on Thursday and it arrived early Monday morning. I called my husband at work and convinced him to come home early to start the installation.Our old demand softener was 21 years old and it cost us over $300 in repairs a year ago. When it bit the dust again, we decided not to flush any more money down the drain and go for a new one. When I called the local company to inquire about a new one, they told me it would be about $3-4,000 dollars.No way! So we started the internet search with much concern.We were so relieved to find a bigger, better softener than at the local stores for far less money.Our water is better than it’s been in a long time and we’re thrilled with the cost. I would recommend your company any day of the week.

    Debbie Bumbalough
  • I purchased a Fleck 2510SE 48,000 grain system from you on Friday March 30, 2007 and it arrived on Wed. April 4, 2007.I installed it on Friday April 6, 2007. It took about 4 hours (my first install) with the extra parts that I wanted. I got the idea for the extra shutoff valve and softwater hose bib from a local softener dealer. He wanted $1500 more for the same size system. Attached are 2 photos of the installed system.

    Dennis R.
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