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Water Softener Trouble Shooting Guide

1) System is not sucking water from brine tank.

A1: Make sure system is in the service position and not in bypass.

A2: Make sure you are not plumbed in backwards; follow the instructions on our web site under installation guides.

A3: Remove brine line from float assembly by unscrewing nut. Put Water Softener in regeneration. See list below to see how to do this. Once you get to brine rinse mode wait 1 minute, then stick brine tub in a cup of water to see if it draws the water from the cup. If it does, then you have a bad connection at the float. Check the ferrules on the brine line to make sure they are on correctly. Black Ferrell slides over tube first with beveled end facing towards the inside of the nut, white Ferrell then slides over tube with belled end butted up against the flat edge of the black Ferrell. Put tube into 90 degree elbow on top of float and hand tighten down the nut, then snug up with a wrench and watch water to make sure it goes down.

For all SE, SXT and SoftPro valves:
Hold extra cycle or regeneration button in until 1 comes up on screen then let go, wait until screen shows 1-9 then hold button in again until 2 comes up and let go, when screen shows 2-58 then proceed with above instructions.

For econdominder metered valves:
5600: Click regeneration knob clock wise until brine rinse show in window, wait a few minutes then proceed with instructions above.
2510 and 9000: Click regeneration knob clockwise one click at a time until you hear motor move, then stop clicking, when motor stops click again until motor moves then stop. Wait 2 minutes and proceed with instructions above.

Q: System did not suck water from cup.

A: Check your drain line and make sure it is not restricted or submerged into water. With system in the backwash position you should have between 2 gpm to 3.75 gpm depending on the capacity of your system the larger the system the faster the backwash. If you have less than 2 GPM, then there is a restriction. If you can’t find it in the drain line then pull the drain line off the control valve and see if the restriction is at the valve. If it is, put system in bypass, pull backwash button out. Follow instruction in service manual to do this. Slowly crack bypass open with system in backwash mode, BE CAREFUL NOT TO OPEN BYPASS ALL THE WAY, JUST CRACK IT ENOUGH TO GET 2 GPM OUT BACKWASH LINE, ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS, THEN REINSTALL BACKWASH BUTTON AND TEST THE FLOW AGAIN.

Q: I am not using salt up.

A: Check water level in brine tank, it should be at least level with the top of the grid plate. Note: the larger the capacity of your system the higher the water level will be. As long as the water level is at least level with the top of the grid plate then there is enough to use salt up. If water level is good then use a broom stick and break salt up, it may be bridged over the water so no salt is being dissolved. If this is not the problem then follow instructions on top of this page.

Q: How do I program my system?

A: Click on this link and then click on the softener you purchased and follow instructions noted programming.

Q: I have a digital system and I have an error code or dashes on the display.

A1: Hold the up and down arrows in at the same time for 30 seconds to see if system resets itself.

A2: Unplug power for 5 minutes then plug back in to see if it resets.

Q: Digital system is not counting gallons down.

A1: Make sure you re not plumbed in backwards.

A2: Make sure metering cable is plugged in.

A3: Put system in bypass, Hold extra cycle button or regeneration button until on comes on screen, this will release psi off tank side of system. Remove clamps that secure bypass to turbine assembly and pull system way from bypass. On the outlet side of the turbine there is a small impeller inside; you may need to remove the flow straightener, which is a cone in order to get to the impeller. Blow on impeller, it should spin fast and freely. If it does not, then use a rigged object such as an ice pick and gently rock impeller back and forth and blow on it until it spins freely. You may have to pull assembly off the back of the control valve and tap it on the palm of your hand to get any debris that may be stuck in there. Reassemble and see if flow indicator comes on when using water.

Q: I am getting resin in the house after installing my system.

A: Make sure you are plumbed in correctly. If you have the supply backwards then you will lose resin into the home.

Q: Can I elevate my drain line above the softener or does it have to be gravity fed.

A: The drain line runs under pressure, when the system is in the regeneration mode, just like a garden hose does when you turn on the faucet. You can elevate the drain line vertically up to 5 feet from where it comes out of the control valve, which is usually already at least 4 feet off the ground, and then you can run it to a designated drain area from there.

If you have any input on what you found and how you repaired it please email at

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