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Use Traditional Water Softeners Without Salt


Until recently, a major objection to water softeners was the sodium they added to the water. Now, potassium chloride salt substitute is widely available. Instead of exchanging hardness for sodium (which most people get too much of in their diets), it exchanges it for more healthful POTASSIUM. Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in potassium. It also exchanges most naturally occurring sodium in your water for potassium. People trying to watch their sodium intake can now have the benefits of a water softener, and drink SODIUM-FREE / SALT-FREE soft water!

Click HERE for an article on how potassium can help lower blood pressure.

Learn more about potassium chloride water softener salt substitute at these web sites: Softouch/Morton Salt, K-Life/Nature’s Own or Cargill/Diamond Crystal. Potassium chloride water softener salt substitute is available in most areas at many hardware stores, home improvement centers, or grocery stores. Ace Hardware also sells it under their own “WaterShed” brand name. The part number is 71572. You can even order it online and have it delivered to your local Ace store if they don’t stock it. Go HERE to order online. Other home-improvement stores may carry it under private label as well – just ask for their “sodium-free” or “potassium” softener salt. Our softeners require no adjustments when using potassium chloride, and you can switch to it at any time.

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