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How to Size Your Water Softener

Enter Your Information and Click Calculate
*Round up where applicable.
Note: If hardness is measured in MG/L or PPM divide it by 17.1 to convert to GPG.

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              If City Water, Enter 0 for Iron    

Total Grains Per Day That Must Be Removed:

What do your results mean?
Note: Calculations are based upon your softener regenerating on an average of every seven days. Once you have entered the information the calculator well recommend the proper size water softener for you. Click on the size in the chart that is in the range recommended. This well take you to a water softener comparison page. From that page you can compare the systems and prices and choose the best system for your needs and budget.

Still Need Help?

Need help in figuring out the hardness of your water or what system to choose? Contact us here: or use our live chat or call 866-278-4130 during business hours.


If Your Daily Grain Requirements Are: You Need a Water Softener With:
0 – 4,500 Grains Per Day —- 32,000 Grain Capacity
4,501 – 9,000 Grains Per Day —- 40,000 Grain Capacity
9,001 – 13,500 Grains Per Day  —- 48,000 Grain Capacity
13,501 – 18,000 Grains Per Day —- 64,000 Grain Capacity
18,001 – 22,500 Grains Per Day —- 80,000 Grain Capacity
22,501 – 45,000 Grains Per Day —- 96,000 Grain Capacity
45,001 – 60,000 Grains Per Day —- 110,000 Grain Capacity


This GPG calculator was developed by Clay Butler and Rob Chevalier and is Copyright 2006 Quality Water Treatment

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