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Why Is The Premier Internet Water Treatment Dealer?

There are a lot of companies on the internet selling the same water treatment systems as Quality Water Treatment, some of them are as competitive as us, as far as price goes. But there are a few things that should be looked at in terms of consumer protection and customer support after the Sale.

*Warranty issues: We will ship parts or a complete tank or valve to you at no charge and you will receive it within 1 to 5 business days Not just that, but we also include a prepaid UPS call tag with the warranty item so all you have to do is box it up in the box supplied to you and give it to UPS, all is taken care of. This is a valuable service if you ever need it, which is rare, but it is there just in case. Some companies charge for the parts and shipping and have a two to six week lead time before you receive your parts. Then they reimburse you for the parts only.

*Pricing: Quality Water Treatment in most cases has the best prices, but sometimes a company will come in and undercut them, they can usually afford to do this do to the lack of service and miscellaneous charges after the sale and sometimes not include all the options we include with our systems.

*Returns: Some companies charge you a restocking fee of 20% if you are not satisfied with the product or they charge you a 6% transaction fee if you cancel before the equipment is shipped. Quality Water Treatment does not charge any of these fees.

*Consumer protection agency: Quality Water Treatment is a member of the Better Business Bureau and as of April 3rd 2007 there is not a single complaint. This is because we go out of our way to make sure everyone is satisfied. Companies that do not belong to the Better Business Bureau either can’t afford to pay out the annual fees to be a member or can’t qualify, or don’t want to have a consumer protection agency after them if there is a problem.

*Business: Quality Water Treatment has been in Business since 1990 and is very well established, we will be here for the long hall providing you with the service you deserve.

*Testimonials: Quality Water Treatment has years of Testimonials on their web site from some of their customers dating back to 1998.

*Equipment: Quality Water Treatment includes options with all there systems, Water Softeners for instance include a 1″ or ¾” stainless steel bypass valve on all models except for the Fleck 7000SE and the Autotrol models which have plastic bypasses only. We include the Brine tank safety float and brine well and the salt platform, as well as taking out all the guess work for you. Some companies leave these options out to cut cost, which gives you a less quality product.

Make sure that when you purchase a water softener the tanks are manufactured in the United States. We carry Structual and Enpress mineral tanks and SoftPro Brine tanks which are all made in the United States and have a 10 year warranty. Some of our competition carries Wave Cyber mineral tanks and GE Brine tanks which are made in China in order to be more competitive on the pricing. So you may save a few dollars buying from them but you may not be getting the quality or the tanks that are manufactures here in the USA.

*Contact: Quality Water Treatment has a toll free number that you can use for both Ordering, general questions or Technical support. Call 1-866-616-7554

Best regards,
Craig Phillips
Quality Water Treatment

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