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High Efficiency Up-Flow SoftPro Softeners Saves You Up To 75% In Salt And 64% In Water Waste Compared To Traditional Fleck And Clack Down-Flow Water Softeners Saving You Up To $220.00 A Year In Salt And Water Cost Alone.


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At Quality Water Treatment we appreciate all of our customers as you support our family owned and operated business! we strive to give you the highest quality service and equipment available. Our value is more than our low prices but in our knowledge and lifetime of free service and dedication to our customers. serving our customers since 1990


We had such wonderful help from Jeremy, always there for us trying to solve our problem with too much color in the water. He was so helpful, so willing to find out on the problem. He even called us to see how it was going. Such wonderful service, you have a great guy working there. A keeper.

Bill of Coupeville, WA

I had conditioning problems in my house and had professionals come in. They gave me outrageous pricing. But I thought I can do it myself if I have a little guidance. So, I bought the components from Quality Water Treatment and did it myself. I got a UV light, a conditioner and chemicals for the conditioner. Everything was online. I talked to the Manager, Heather, and she's very professional, answered all my questions and fulfilled my order. They were reasonably priced and they produced the products when they promised they would. The products work very well. It’s perfect, and I would refer them to other people.

George of Monkton, MD

This company goes above and beyond for their customers. I had done my research prior to purchasing a water softener and I knew I wanted a Fleck brand head. I had a few companies come out and give me estimates and I couldn’t stomach paying an installation fee that was as much as a unit if not more. I read and read and heard so many good things about this company that I started to bother them with a ton of questions. They were so helpful prior to buying, while installing, and with questions regarding is it working right. I have a whole house filter in addition to my softener and I later tested my water a month after install. THE BEST WATER!!!! Give yourself the best, invest in what this company has to offer!!!!

Amanda D.

The parts on my old water softener had disintegrated in the chlorine, so it was leaking and wasn't working anymore. I needed a new one and got it from Quality Water Treatment. I ordered everything online and the people that I talked to were based in California. I spoke to Jeremy and Heather, and both of them were helpful and willing to spend time answering questions. They made sure that I had the right product and the right size. The water softener that I bought was a big improvement over the old one that I had since this one was on-demand while the old one was on a meter. So, the old one would be running more often than I needed it to and since it was always functioning, it would sometimes lead to the water being salty. With the one we have now, the water is perfect, it's soft and it's exactly the way we wanted. Plus, the water softener uses a lot less salt, less water and is more efficient

Kevin of Frankfort, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for such a excellent product and service, my water softener has been working great for over 12 years now. I only had one issue after all these years, my water was not soft anymore. I called and spoke to Jeremy. Jeremy asked if i was using salt up and i said no not really. He had me break up the salt in my salt tank with a broom handle and regenerate the system that night. The next day my water was soft again.

Roy P.

Your Tech help was outstanding. I purchased a fleck water softener from you eight years ago and you walked me through fixing the problem. In the world we live in it seems to be the norm to purchase something and not get service after the sale an to receive such excellent support after all these years at no charge is unheard of. You guys rock.

Kevin C.

Our Warranty and Guarantee

All of our water softeners come with a full warranty.

Fleck Water Softeners Carry a warranty of 5 years on the Valve and 10 years on the tanks

SoftPro Elite water softener valves have a 10 year warranty, the resin and salt tanks carry a Lifetime warranty,

Softpro Premiere Pura carries a 7 year warranty on the valve, the resin and salt tanks carry a Lifetime warranty,

If anything should happen to your water softener prior to arriving we will be more than happy to help and replace anything determined to be damaged or not operating properly.

As soon as you find that there might be a problem with your water softener, contact us immediately.

We will help you and get the issue resolved at no cost to you.

About Quality Water Treatment

Craig Phillips started Quality Water Treatment in his hometown Sebastopol, CA in 1990. Sebastopol and surrounding Sonoma County Is a small, mostly rural country side area that specialized in Apple farming with a lot of private water wells. Craig started in the water treatment industry as a laborer for Rayne Water system in 1986, where he learned how to install and service water treatment equipment. Craig soon became sales manager and was quickly promoted to general manager at a new branch located in Redding, CA.  So he packed up and moved his family about a four hour drive from his hometown.

In late 1989, the spotted owl in Northern California became an endangered species.  As a result, almost all the lumber mills were closed down, which was the main source of employment in Redding and surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, the new Rayne Water Systems office was closed due to the failing economy in the area. This left Craig without a job. He tried to work in the area, but he could not support his family.  He even found himself surviving on fishing the local lakes and rivers for food to feed his family. 

So in 1990, Craig went back to his hometown and rented an old building from a friend’s parent that worked a deal with Craig, you fix up the place and we will let you in free of charge for two months to help you get started. With very little money, a lot of hard work and a willingness to succeed, Craig laid the foundation for what would be one of the largest online water treatment companies today with over 49,000 systems sold nation wide. 

Craig started the internet part of the business in 2001 and it is still a family owned and operated Company. Craig’s daughter Heather has been working for us since she graduated College in 2008.  She is proud to take care of our website design and needs, customer service, sales, and technical support. She is now a partner in the Company.

Our Son Jeremy has been with the company helping Craig with installations and service of systems during the summer months since he was 8 years old. He was Craigs helper and picked up on the technical side of the business quickly. Jeremy is now 30 years old and takes care of a lot of the technical support, sales, and helps with the day to day task of the business and is now a working partner.

Craig’s wife Debbie helps Craig with the back end of the business which keeps them very busy. 

Highest Quality & Service In The Industry
Craig Phillips
Quality Water Treatment, Inc