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Note: If hardness is measured in MG/L or PPM divide it by 17.1 to convert to        GPG. If on city water leave iron as 0.0 mg/l. Then match the grains per day range below for the proper size, click on link to view your best choices. 
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We had such wonderful help from Jeremy, always there for us trying to solve our problem with too much color in the water. He was so helpful, so willing to find out on the problem. He even called us to see how it was going. Such wonderful service, you have a great guy working there. A keeper.

Bill of Coupeville, WA

I had conditioning problems in my house and had professionals come in. They gave me outrageous pricing. But I thought I can do it myself if I have a little guidance. So, I bought the components from Quality Water Treatment and did it myself. I got a UV light, a conditioner and chemicals for the conditioner. Everything was online. I talked to the Manager, Heather, and she's very professional, answered all my questions and fulfilled my order. They were reasonably priced and they produced the products when they promised they would. The products work very well. It’s perfect, and I would refer them to other people.

George of Monkton, MD

After some ridiculous quotes from local businesses I did a little homework and among many online options, I decided to go with Quality Water Treatment's softpro water softener. I have been nothing but impressed and satisfied with their products and customer service (Jeremy & Heather). So, in a nutshell, I bought their system and had a local installer hook it up to my home's plumbing for an insanely good price as well. Overall I saved $1000 doing it this way (1k savings compared to the cheapest local business quote - 6k plus savings compared to Culligan). My water quality went up drastically and the benefits of soft water became really obvious right away after using my dishwasher, taking a shower, and just washing my hands! If you're thinking about getting a system from QWT - I highly recommend them.

Daniel Riera

Terry 02/15/18 the softpro® premiere pura optimus 64k I was skeptical on buying a water softener online, but after comparing a lot of them online and locally this water softener offered all the features i wanted and the price was competitive. I purchased over a year ago and i have saved so much money and time. I have only had to add one bag of salt since i installed this water softener. My old fleck

water softener was using a bag every few month

Kevin of Frankfort, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for such a excellent product and service, my water softener has been working great for over 12 years now. I only had one issue after all these years, my water was not soft anymore. I called and spoke to Jeremy. Jeremy asked if i was using salt up and i said no not really. He had me break up the salt in my salt tank with a broom handle and regenerate the system that night. The next day my water was soft again.

Roy P.

Your Tech help was outstanding. I purchased a fleck water softener from you eight years ago and you walked me through fixing the problem. In the world we live in it seems to be the norm to purchase something and not get service after the sale an to receive such excellent support after all these years at no charge is unheard of. You guys rock.

Kevin C.

Marc C. Verified Buyer 05/13/18 Softpro elite basic In the past I had a water filtration system which recently broke down. After installing the Softpro Elite I noticed a significant difference in the house water quality compared to the filtration; plus installation and programming was a breeze. I installed a whole house filter and ResCare kit for longevity on the resin. Overall my family and I are

extremely pleased with this product!

Author's name

Chuck A. Verified Buyer 03/06/18 Nice Softener, Superior Customer Support!! I research softeners for a couple weeks, looking for the most efficient in regards to salt and water usage. And durability/dependability. I selected the Softpro Elite and sent numerous email questions to Craig and all answered promptly. That was prior to the sale.

I purchased the unit and couple problems arose with the shipper but resolve

with Craigs assistance. Installation was fairly simple with the supplied instructions. I received a followup email from Craig assuring me they were there to help in anyway. I then called to verify some settings and Jeremy was friendly and knowledgeable about the product, installation, and programming. And again, answered my questions.

Not only do I find this product to work as described, but Craig and Jeremy both have been very professional and friendly. What a great combo! Great job!! We'll be referring our contacts here in NM to Q.W.T.!

Author's name

Jeff I. Verified Reviewer 02/15/18 Softpro Premiere Pura 48k This is my second water softener i have purchased from you guys. The first one was a fleck water softener i bought from you 8 years ago and it was a good system but it used a lot of salt and water. When i moved i needed a new system and i was going to buy another fleck because i was familiar with it and was a little less expensive. Your sales pers

on talked to me about the Pura softener and i am glad i took his advice. I have had it installed for a few months and it hardly uses salt and my water is great. Thank you again for the great service and product.

Author's name