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Dear Heather: I just wanted to write and let you know how delighted I am with my Fleck 5600 system! It is definitely worth every penny, and is one of the best investments I’ve made in my home. Yes, it did take me two years to get my stuff together, but understand, I had to first upgrade my electric panel (my 1972 home needed it!) in order to have a dedicated line run to the side of my house where my water line came in, save the money for the water conditioning equipment, and pay to have a Master plumber install my water conditioner. I guess I’m just one of those home owners that wants everything done exactly right, and honestly, the first thing I did right was to contact your company. My plumber, Todd, was very impressed with my choice of systems, too. He purchases and installs systems from a company here in Florida that packs about 1/2 of the unit with charcoal (???!!!), and said that he pays over twice as much for that system than what I purchased from you, and he has to pay shipping! I saved some time by installing the resin, filter and meter by myself using your Youtube video, and after the equipment was installed, set up, and tested, the quality of my water was as good, if not better, than what results from the system he usually installs. I gave him your website address, because he said he has a few clients that simply can’t afford what he was buying and installing, but most likely could afford this system, so I won’t be surprised if he becomes a good customer. The total for everything: dedicated electric line – $300.00, Master plumber install – $282.00, three bags of water softener salt – $14.05, and the cost of my water conditioning equipment – $710.00 makes my total cost $1,306.85! That’s about three hundred dollars less than just the equipment that my plumber buys, and even if he gave me the equipment at cost he would have had to charge me about $2,000.00, and that doesn’t include the dedicated electric line! And Rainsoft, Kinetico and Culligan would have charged me between $2200.00 and $3200.00 for a comparable system, and I would have still had to put in the electric line! Needless to say, I am more than pleased! My chlorine-treated City tap water no longer needs a filter on the kitchen tap, or the bathroom taps, for that matter. The water is actually better than using a Pur water filter, and it all through my house! What a difference – I love it! Again, thank you for having such a great company and making these products available at an affordable price.

Carol H. Avant


I just had to tell you about our experience with the new Ozone Generator setup. Initially our water had such a bad smell that we could hardly even brush our teeth using it, and we certainly couldn’t drink it. Now that it’s been installed in our holding tank for a month our water is crystal clear, has absolutely no smell at all and has no taste either. It’s just clean cold water. It is as good as any bottled water that I’ve ever had. I just wanted to let you and your customers know what an awesome product the Ozone Generator is. My wife and I are extremely happy.



I have everything working perfectly now! Water is noticeably better and the gallons are counting down appropriately. I really appreciate your patience while I figured this out and if I’m ever in the market or know of anyone shopping for a water softener, yours will be the only reference I give.Thank you for a great product at a great price and even better customer service



Thank you for your prompt shipment of new resin for the softener which I purchased from you 10 years ago.And a particular thanks to Heather who assisted me and diagnosed my problem when I called .Good job.

Lowell Converse OHIO


Sorry I have been lazy about getting back to you to let you know everything is working properly now. I received the new timer insert, installed it and sent back the defective one as per your instructions. The new unit keeps perfect time. Thank you for taking care of this for me. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and will certainly recommend customers to you when the opportunity arises.

Carroll Hudson


Thank you for sending me the parts that I needed in such a timely manor.My new water softener is up and running and everything seems to be working fine.I would be happy to do business with you again in the future or to refer others.

Charles S.


The Fleck 2510 I recently purchased works fantastic. Our well water tested at about 17 grains hardness, not to bad but was quickly making the dishes cloudy and the faucets looked pretty bad. Now, they are crystal clear.Have a good day!

George C.


Hi Craig, You guys are awesome! Very easy to install my softener system, and No leaks! Working with nice soft water feel! I will keep you in mind for any future project.

Ron Bushka


Hi Jill,We spoke last week and I wanted to thank you again for helping me choose the right system. I have 1.5 ppm iron well water and you had advised not to worry w fine mesh and a 24k would be fine for my situation (vs 32k). With the extra money you saved me, I ended up going with the 2510 metered and upgraded to Sst60 resin and mediaguard filter. I’m telling everyone I know to check out Quality Water Treatment before making another water softener purchase. A local shop wanted $1100 for a similar system compared to the $750 for yours- wow.Have a great day!

S. Duncan


I bought a water softening system sp32 – SoftPro Elite from your company about 3 weeks ago and got it installed about 2 weeks ago. I would like you to know that I am very happy with my purchase.Heather was very helpful on the phone and because I am a very insecure handyman she promised to help me if I called with questions about installation.Well, Heather lived up to her promise. She was kind, knowledgeable and very patient with me. I think I had to call her and ask for assistance/explanation about 3-4 times. She did not disappoint me at any time.The plumber finished the installation and Heather helped me to program the unit. My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and I am writing to let you know that Heather did a wonderful job in suggesting the right product for us and in giving me the customer assistance that I really needed. I will be suggesting your company to my friends for their water softening needs.Please let Heather know of my respect and appreciation.

Hank Heller/Parsippany, NJ


Just want to say how pleased I am with the order I made for a softener. Everything was received in good condition and the unit I purchased was an exact replacement of my old Flint and Walling softener. The fine mesh media does a superior job of iron removal and my water has never looked better. Your website was very helpful to select the right unit.

John Larimer


Thank you very much for your rapid response to my technical questions in regards to service flow rate and max backwash flow rate. and thank you Heather for your call to reassure me that service flow rate was 15 g.p.m. and max backwash was less than 3 g.p.m. I instructed Heather to go ahead and ship. Your Company will go far with employees such as these 2 people and I will recommend your company to any and all people I know who are looking for water service.

Jim Brickey


I want to tell you what a good job that Heather did in answering questions related to this order. I had studied your web site and others in detail and she had all the right answers. I asked some tough technical questions and the answers were very good. I look forward to installing and using the new system when it arrives. Hopefully it will work as expected for a very long time. (I had a Fleck economiser system 40K for almost 20 years and finally gave up the ghost)

Thomas Edgar


I recently purchased and installed your Fleck 9000 Metered Twin 48K Water Softener. I was very pleased how fast the packages arrived. I was also shocked that someone answered my emails over the Memorial day weekend with tech answers on installation. I have dealt with Culligan for 28 years and was shocked how much they wanted for a twin softener, that’s when I Google and found your company. I was very satisfied with the price, the service I received, and now the quality of water that I am getting. I had forgotten what soft water feels like from a well. No more waiting for the softener to finish it’s regeneration cycle in the middle of the night with the old single resin tank. I have actually sent pictures to my family, they think I am nuts, I believe it’s a piece of art. (ok maybe a little nuts.)Fleck 9000 Twin Demand Water Softener Thank you for your help when I needed it most!

Greg Bennett/PA


You guys get 5 stars. I am a “do-it- yourselfer” but when it came time for a water softener I was a little cautious. Plus, I wanted a prograde, high quality system that was customized to my families water needs.I was not sure If we could get all we wanted, and save thousands on installation, but we did. I did a lot of research on line and spoke with quite a few other other online water softener companies. No one even came close to having all the knowledgeable answers and products we were wanting. We did not want to add salt every month or two because we are so busy, so they sold us a much larger brine tank that will reduce forgetting and refill schedules. We also have random water volume usage. The Fleck 9000 dual tank system eliminates the guessing with timers and saves on salt. They walked us through the whole process from start to finish. So, bye bye over priced plumbers and Water softener guys, and hello to the next generation in DIY companies. The Internet is great !

L. Armstrong