Natural Soft Series Water Conditioner ( 1-5 Bathroom home)

$1,499.00 $1,199.00

  • The only salt free water softener Certified 99.7% effective
  • WQA Gold Seal NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
  • Leaves beneficial minerals in water
  • Friendly to the Enviroment
  • No Backwash requires so NO waste water
  • No Electricity required
  • Naturally transforms minerals to give the benefits of softened water  without salt or the slippery feeling
  • Prevents and removes hard water scale from plumbing and appliances
  • A no salt water softener saves you money on waste water, salt and maintenance
  • Great for lawn and gardens, no need to bypass outside faucets.
  • Can be installed inside or outside ( needs to be protected from freezing )
  • System comes ready to install and is easy to install for the average DIY
  • Confidence in buying from a company that has been in the water treatment industry since 1990
  • Compared to the Pelican water Nature Soft series the “Natural Soft” salt free system uses the same media. The difference is Quality Water Treatment uses a Vortech style plate at the bottom of the tank giving the media a better lift throughout the bed. This media works best when it is lifted up when using water on a regular basis, the Vortech style plate makes that task more efficient because less gallons per minute is needed to lift the bed making the Natural Soft salt free system better than the competitions and at a lower price point.
  • A disclosure you might not find on other websites that sell the salt free systems. Quality Water Treatment is not here to sell you a system that well not be the proper system for your water application. We do not recommend the salt free systems to be used on private well water system do to most well water can have iron, manganese, low ph levels or other contaminates that can affect the media in these types of systems. We also do not recommend these systems to be used on City water with a hardness level over 25 GPG hardness. Some companies that sell these system claim these system will work with water harder than that, we have found that some do not unless the water chemistry is just right for that high of hardness, so if your water is higher that 25 gpm hardness we recommend that you stay with a traditional water softener.
Natural Soft Traditional Water Softeners
Salt Free Yes Uses Salt
Certified Scale Prevention 99.7% None
Keeps Beneficial Minerals Yes No
Electricity No Yes
Wasted Water No Yes ( average 2640 Gallons Per year
Monthly Maintenance No Yes (Salt)
Slimy Feeling Yes No
Yearly Operating Cost $0 $66.00 per year average
Requires RO System: No No


For houses with one to five bathrooms. Maximum hardness is 25 gpg.
Complete system includes: One – 9×48  Vortech style mineral tanks with stainless steel cover for higher flowrates and better performance than your standard tanks, FilterSorb SP media, clack up flow in and out valve with bypass valves and sweat or plastic connectors for easy hook up, One – 10″ big blue filter housing with wall bracket, filter wrench, sediment or carbon filter, flow rates from 3 to 15  gallons per minute.

Bonus: Includes the Vortech tank for Free! System performs better do to Vortech design assures a better lift on the special media bed so it has more surface available to treat the water and supplies higher flow rates with less pressure drop in the home than your standard tanks that our competition uses


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